"Well, we can't be too sad. She did try to have you killed."
"She could've been brought to justice. Now we won't get that chance."
Daisy Johnson and Jeffrey Mace[src]

The Attack on Ellen Nadeer was an attempt by the Watchdogs to determine whether Ellen Nadeer was an Inhuman, which unexpectedly escalated into an explosion that killed many at the United States Capitol.


"I've wondered which was worse. Realizing your brother was infected and had to die because of it or realizing you have the same blood coursing through your veins?"
Tucker Shockley to Ellen Nadeer[src]
Senator Ellen Nadeer lost her mother Sunjina during the Battle of New York and developed a strong hatred for anything alien-related.[1] When the number of Inhumans dramatically increased in the Earth population, Nadeer publicly spoke against them and advocated war against them.[2] Her disgust towards Inhumans even led her to try to kill her own brother Vijay, who had underwent Terrigenesis.[1]

Due to her brother being an Inhuman, the Superior suspected that Nadeer could be Inhuman as well. Although Nadeer had secretly funded the Watchdogs since the beginning, the Superior could not bear being supported by one of the people he was hunting. Therefore, he sent Tucker Shockley to Nadeer's office with the mission of shattering a Terrigen Crystal and seeing if it triggered Nadeer's Terrigenesis.[3]



Tucker Shockley arrives in Ellen Nadeer's office

"You thought it was me? Look at you. You're disgusting, you son of a..."
Ellen Nadeer to Tucker Shockley[src]

Tucker Shockley went to the United States Capitol, taking a shard of a Terrigen Crystal with him. He entered Senator Ellen Nadeer's office and they discussed Nadeer's commitment into the anti-Inhumans cause. Shockley then explained that there was a possibility that Nadeer had dormant Inhuman genes in her DNA just like her brother did. Enraged, Nadeer ordered Shockley to leave her office, but he refused and shattered the Terrigen Crystal he had brought.

BOOM Shockley's Terrigenesis

Tucker Shockley undergoes Terrigenesis

A Terrigenesis effectively occurred, but not for the person Shockley expected. Indeed, instead of Nadeer, he underwent Terrigenesis himself and screamed in horror as the husk enveloped his body. Nadeer laughed and began insulting Shockley, claiming he was disgusting. However, Shockley could not control his newfound exploding powers and cause Nadeer's office to blow out in a massive explosion which killed Nadeer, her assistant Zach Bynum and two other people.[3]


"I am a soldier. In a war to protect humanity. I can still be that soldier."
Tucker Shockley[src]
Tucker Shockley returned to the Watchdogs base where he was confronted by the Superior. At first, Shockley lied and pretended that the explosion had been caused by Ellen Nadeer's Terrigenesis. However, after he was arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D., Shockley called the Superior and confessed his true nature. Despite the Superior's disgust, Shockley insisted that he would still work as a Inhumans hunter. Eventually, Shockley would be used as a bait to kidnap S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Jeffrey Mace.[1]


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