"I only told them the truth, that you're being merciful."
"I'm not merciful, I'm necessary."
Dwight Frye and Lash[src]

The Attack on Dwight Frye was an assault orchestrated by Lash, which resulted in the death of Inhuman Dwight Frye, adding another Inhuman left for dead on Lash's killing spree.


Lash, an Inhuman spree-killer, had Dwight Frye, a computer specialist, help him track down numerous Inhumans and send an e-mail to them saying that they should all stay together.

In Los Angeles, California, two Inhumans, Shane and Lori Henson were murdered by Lash with help from Frye. This event and previous killings had prompted the Advanced Threat Containment Unit and S.H.I.E.L.D. to help each other to fight the bigger enemy: Lash.

Daisy Johnson retraced Frye's e-mails and found him in his apartment. Daisy, an Inhuman herself, was asked to step back as Frye suffered great pain from being near one. He was taken into custody by the ATCU and was scheduled to be brought to Endotex Labs, with Johnson and Alphonso Mackenzie joining the team transporting him.[2]


On their way to Endotex Labs, Dwight Frye suffered pain due to Daisy Johnson being nearby. The truck with Alphonso Mackenzie, a Advanced Threat Containment Unit team, Johnson, and Frye was ambushed by Lash. The Inhuman killer attacked and murdered the soldiers with brute force. Mackenzie attempted to finish him off with a few punches, but this was proven worthless and he was quickly defeated. Johnson attempted a shockwave; however, the truck crashed and Lash threw Frye out onto the street.


Lash kills Dwight Frye

Although Frye told Lash that he only told S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Advanced Threat Containment Unit the truth: that Lash was being merciful, Lash declined this and responded that he was only necessary. Lash then finished off Frye by blasting a hole through his chest. As Lash left the scene, he transformed into a human, witnessed by Johnson, who had regained consciousness.[2]


Daisy Johnson told Alphonso Mackenzie that she saw Lash transform and they began to brainstorm as to his human identity. Mackenzie realized that Luther Banks had left the scene just prior to Dwight Frye's transport. This revelation caused the Chase of Luther Banks.[3]

Melinda May would go on to find Werner von Strucker in Lisbon, Portugal. After a fight, von Strucker weakly told May that Andrew Garner was Lash. When she confronted Garner, he kidnapped her.[4]


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