"We got here and you were lying on the floor in a pool of blood. None of it your own. There's blood in the hallway, down the stairwell. Russo didn't kill you, but I think maybe you killed him and he just doesn't know it yet."
Brett Mahoney to Dinah Madani[src]

The Attack on Dinah Madani was a failed murder of Dinah Madani executed by both Krista Dumont and Jigsaw.


"When I went to visit Castle in the hospital, Russo called him. He wanted to gloat. And he said something funny. He said to Frank he was his own devil now. Yeah. Yeah, it, um, I mean, it struck me because it was the same thing you said to me the other night."
Dinah Madani to Krista Dumont[src]

Having witnessed Billy Russo infiltrating her apartment, Dinah Madani visited Krista Dumont to get to know what she knew about Russo during his time inside Sacred Saints Hospital. As they talk about psychology of humanity, Madani and Dumont kept on talking about past traumas and how we could be our greater enemies. Once they got into common ground, Madani left Dumont's apartment with all knowledge she had learned from her.[1] After visiting Frank Castle at the hospital after being blamed for a murder that Russo had committed, Madani noticed something suspicious about his words that were similar to what she was told by Dumont and decided to visit her again.[2]


Dinah Madani has her talk with Krista Dumont

"Bitch! You had to make it about her!"
Jigsaw to Dinah Madani[src]

Now on the way to Krista Dumont apartment, Dinah Madani went inside her apartment and asked if they could talk, accepting an offer on a drink beforehand. Becoming intense with her whole day, Madani asked about Billy Russo's infiltration and how would anyone let him in any room. After confessing her hatred for Russo, Madani admitted to Dumont that she wanted Frank Castle to murder him once she let him in New York City, questioning her why would she have done something like that. As Dumont didn't have an answer, Madani further questioned her patients actions of doing well and even asked if her father was saved.

Krista Dumont looking herself in a mirror

Getting suspicious of all of Madani's questioning, Dumont told her that she would go to the bathroom and once she was inside, began to panic and turned on the sink so that she could ponder on the idea of having her to kill Madani. While Dumont was occupied, Madani discovered a book full of drawings that reveal a skull in different waves of design, letting her realized that Russo was kept secret of hiding from Dumont all along. Ready arm herself with gun, Madani slowly walked up to the bathroom door, hoping to find Dumont and arrest her for her crime.

Krista Dumont fighting against Dinah Madani

Looking inside of the bathroom, Madani saw the bathroom empty and the sink running water, until Dumont snuck up beside her with a pair of scissors but Madani was only injured in the arm and put the scissor away before it stabbed her. Dumont tried to steal Madani's gun but the gun was fired off as it was aiming at the ceiling. Madani and Dumont try to fight each other steal the gun away until it was slipped away from as they kept smashing to the walls. Madani was overpowered by Dumont's grasp, as she pushed over to the stove, but found a book on a counter and used it to hit Dumont on the face.

Krista Dumont gets thrown out of the window

While Madani was stumbly walking cross the room from her escape, Dumont got up from the ground and grabbed a knife from her drawer and charged at her with it. Madani then caught Dumont's arm to stop her from stabbing her but was cut from the side of her face, causing great pain before she was able to push Dumont away. After suffering from the fight, Madani had punched Dumont in the face and grabbed her before being pushed away. Realizing that they were now close to the window, Madani pushed Dumont away and out of the window, as she fell to the ground and suffered a huge injury from the fall.

Billy Russo furiously shooting at Dinah Madani

While on his way back to her apartment, Billy Russo decided to stop on the way and buy some flowers for Dumont. However, just as Russo returned to her apartment, he discovered that Dumont had been thrown out of her window and been crippled on the street. As Russo looked down at Dumont's broken body for a moment, dropping all the blue flowers he had, Madani looked over to Dumont and was furious over her attempt to kill her. Russo then discovered that it was Madani's actions and was ready to kill her for what she had done to Dumont.[2]

Billy Russo and Dinah Madani both pass out

Now knowing that Russo was about to kill her, Madani managed to pick up her gun and prepared to kill Russo before he does, resulting in her putting two bullets into Russo as he had charged into the room while shooting back at her. However, these gunshots did not slow Russo down, as he pinned Madani against the wall before throwing her to the ground and attempting to strangle her. While Madani was able to shoot Russo for a third time, she was choked out by him to the point of passing out, only for Russo to collapse from blood loss before he was able to actually kill Madani.[3]


Krista Dumont is hospitalize

"I really did get the therapy I needed at your place. Not the talking so much, but when I finally put three bullets in Billy, that really helped my state of mind. You see this blood? It's his. You see, he is on the street alone, bleeding. Now the only question is whether we'll find him alive or dead."
Dinah Madani to Krista Dumont[src]

While Krista Dumont had recovered from these numerous injuries in Sacred Saints Hospital, she was greeted by Dinah Madani. Madani insisted that she was sorry that Dumont's fall had happened, to which Dumont questioned if she meant the part where Madani had thrown her out of the window, while Madani insisted that she was sorry that Billy Russo dragged her into the situation. Dumont asked if Russo was still alive, as Madani admitted that as far as she knew that he might be. When Madani informed Dumont that Russo had ran away from the apartment, Dumont insisted that Russo was no use to be arrested if he stayed behind. Madani had admitted that she shot Russo three times, showing off Russo's blood over her shirt, noting that they would locate Russo alive or dead. Despite this news, Dumont insisted Russo would be too strong to die.[3]


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