"Lieberman, get on the ground! Now!"
"Look, this is a mistake, all right? Whatever your orders, I'm not a criminal. I'm an NSA analyst."
"Get down!"
Carson Wolf and David Lieberman[src]

The Attack on David Lieberman was an attempt by Carson Wolf to assassinate NSA analyst David Lieberman.


"I was working on Afghanistan intelligence, which... Maybe you know it's just an oxymoron because our basic tactic is to pay anyone we can to tell tales. You know? "Hey, kid. Tell me a story, I'll give you some money." So they did, you know? And my job was to, uh assess this shit pile for actionable intelligence. It was a monumental waste of my time. 'Till one day, they sent me something interesting."
Micro to Frank Castle[src]
Afghan National Police officer Ahmad Zubair was informed about Operation Cerberus, a mission to eliminate terrorists stationed in Afghanistan and smuggle heroin into the United States of America. William Rawlins discovered this and ordered Cerberus Squad to kidnapped and torture Zubair in order to learn who gave him the information. Zubair was then executed by Frank Castle and buried in an unmarked grave in Kandahar. Unbeknownst to Rawlins, Gunner Henderson secretly recorded the execution and sent it to NSA analyst David Lieberman, who decrypted it and re-sent to the Homeland Security agent Dinah Madani.

In addition, Lieberman was leaking classified information of the government and corrupt officials, gaining the attention of the New York Bulletin who wanted to write an article on him. Rawlins ordered Carson Wolf to personally meet with Mitchell Ellison and convince him not to write the article so it wouldn't "compromise" Homeland Security investigation. Afterward, Rawlins ordered Wolf to hunt down and assassinate Lieberman before their illegal activities were revealed to the public.[1]


The Punisher Oct 27 2

Carson Wolf shoots David Lieberman

"He's got a weapon!"
"No, I don't. No, no, no, no, no! That's not true!"
Carson Wolf and David Lieberman[src]

In New York City, David Lieberman was chased by Carson Wolf and Homeland Security agents until he stopped at a pier. Wolf ordered Lieberman to get on the ground, with the latter telling him he was no criminal and was a NSA analyst. Wolf shot Lieberman in the chest, presumably killing him and stopping him from revealing William Rawlins' illegal operations.[1]


"Cell phone saved my life. I went underground. They, uh, rewrote the narrative. Planted evidence, painted me as a traitor. Picked my life apart. Made life hell for Sarah. For our kids."
―Micro to Frank Castle[src]
David Lieberman survived the gunshot wound by Carson Wolf, being branded and framed a traitor by the United States. Lieberman was forced into hiding, collecting more information on William Rawlins' illegal activities overseas and leaving his wife and children to believe he was dead. Lieberman began to watch Frank Castle, a former member of Cerberus Squad and lost his family from the operation.[1]

Once Castle returned to his old ways after saving one of his co-workers from the Gnucci Crime Family, Lieberman secretly watched the Massacre at Linello's.[2] The two would later join forces to stop the corrupt officials in the government, leading the attack and death of Carson Wolf.[1]


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