"Unless Wolf shot himself in the leg, busted his own face and broke his own neck, I think it's fair to say that we're looking at murder here."
Sam Stein[src]

The Attack on Carson Wolf was an ambush on Homeland Security agent Carson Wolf orchestrated by the Punisher in order to extract information about David Lieberman.


When William Rawlins learned that the torture and execution of Ahmad Zubair was given to Zubair's partner Dinah Madani, he ordered Carson Wolf to stop the New York Bulletin from writing a report on Micro.

Rawlins learned of Micro's real identity - David Lieberman, a NSA analyst who had revealed more of Cerberus' illegal operations and decided to have him eliminated. Carson Wolf and Homeland Security agents went on the hunt for Lieberman, ending with Micro surviving, but branded a traitor.[1] Carson then recruited Dinah Madani, Zubair's partner into the Homeland Security department. He advised her to step away from the investigation of his death in Afghanistan.


"We figured if there were enough dead bodies, nobody would really care to look close enough at any given one of 'em. It was a calculated risk. You understand, right?"
"And Lieberman, what about Lieberman? Who's he?"
"We thought you were the one that sent him the tape. Now close your eyes, Frank. I'm gonna do you a favor. You're gonna see your family real soon."
Carson Wolf and Punisher[src]

Wolf went home and approached his fridge to get himself a snack, being immediately attacked by a masked intruder after closing it. Wolf defended himself against the intruder until he was knocked unconscious and tied to a chair.[5]

The intruder then interrogated Wolf after he regained consciousness, telling the former that he'd been tortured in Guantanamo Bay and that nothing would break him. The intruder then shot Carson in the leg and stuck his finger in the bullet hole. Amidst interrogation, Carson broke free and got the upper hand on his interrogator, pointing his gun at him. Carson took off the intruder's mask to reveal it was Frank Castle. Carson shoots the gun and it clicks, with Castle replying that it's empty, with another battle ensues. Castle gained the upper hand, putting Carson into a headlock and snapping his neck, killing him. [5]


"Did you kill Wolf?"
"You're goddamn right, I did. He was dirty."
Dinah Madani and Punisher[src]

Dinah Madani and Sam Stein looked into Carson Wolf's death afterward. Stein stated that he believed that he was murdered, noting that Wolf couldn't have shot himself in the leg, break his face, and snap his own neck. This is true as Frank Castle committed the murder, and eventually joined forces with David Lieberman to stop the corrupt government agents.[1]


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