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"Ah, screw it. Ride with me tonight... help me destroy Black Sky, keep it off the streets, and I promise you this... Wilson Fisk will know the taste of fear the day he faces you 'cause he'll know that you kicked the guy he's afraid of right in the nuts."
Stick to Matt Murdock[src]

The Attack on Black Sky was orchestrated by Stick to keep the Hand from obtaining the being called Black Sky.


"You have three limbs left, and other appendages no man wants to lose. Where is Black Sky?"
Stick to Aito[src]

In Japan, Stick, a member of the Chaste, interrogated Aito until he told him the location of Black Sky. Aito admitted that it was being transported on a ship to New York City. Stick killed him before traveling to New York.[1]


"You promised me you weren't gonna kill anyone."
"Then what the hell was that back there?"
"The mission."
"That's what your war's come to? Killing children?"
"That thing in the container was not a child."
Daredevil and Stick[src]

Stick found his former pupil Matt Murdock while he was in a black mask attempting to get information about Wilson Fisk from Leland Owlsley. After Owlsley used a taser to incapacitate Murdock and escape, Murdock brought Stick back to his apartment, where Stick asked him to help him destroy the Black Sky.

Stick and Daredevil hunt down the Hand

Murdock, still bitter at being abandoned by Stick as a child, was skeptical, but Stick convinced him that destroying the Black Sky, which he described as a terrible weapon, would hurt Nobu Yoshioka, an ally of Fisk's. Murdock agreed, providing that Stick not kill anyone. At the docks, Stick and Murdock waited in silence for the shipping container to arrive. Stick gave Murdock a pair of escrima sticks and asked him to quietly take out some of Yoshioka's men while Stick concentrated on Black Sky.

Murdock fights against Nobu Yoshioka's men

When the container was opened, Murdock could hear a young boy's light and fast heartbeat, and realized that the Black Sky was a child. Stick fired an arrow at the boy, but Murdock deflected it, alerting Yoshioka and his men to their presence. Yoshioka was able to escape with the Black Sky, but Stick followed them, and shot an arrow through the boy's heart.[1]


"I am bound by certain requirements, even I have those I must answer to. After the setback at the docks, I can afford no further disruptions; do what you must, but do it quickly."
Nobu Yoshioka to Wilson Fisk[src]

Nobu Yoshioka was furious at losing the Black Sky, as they were extremely rare. He told this much to Wilson Fisk when he demanded to know why the city block in Midland Circle had not been procured yet. However, Yoshioka and those he served continued to search for another Black Sky.[1]


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