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"I tried to do what Ward wanted. I tried to kill him."
"Him? Professor Garner."
"We had him. But I didn't know he'd change into that thing."
Werner von Strucker and Melinda May[src]

The Attack on Andrew Garner was a failed attempt by Werner von Strucker to kill Andrew Garner on behalf of Grant Ward.


"Dr. Garner's on his way to teach a class right now... Psych 301, I believe. I've got my men on him right now."
Grant Ward to Melinda May[src]

Grant Ward

The HYDRA operative Grant Ward joined Coulson's Team[2] and eventually developed a sexual relationship with Melinda May.[3] Ultimately, Ward's true loyalty was discovered, [4] causing his former teammates to hate him. Through the efforts of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers, HYDRA was decimated and leaderless.[5][6]

Ward eventually found love in Kara Palamas, a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who was brainwashed into service for HYDRA.[7] Ward convinced Palamas to take revenge on all of those who had a hand in her captivity;[8] Bobbi Morse became a target and was kidnapped and tortured. [9] Since Morse was unapologetic and unremorseful toward the circumstances that lead to Palamas' capture, Ward and Palamas decided that Morse should see another die in front of her. Ward set up a gun to kill Morse's rescuer; however, when Lance Hunter, Morse's lover, arrived, Morse took the round instead, nearly dying. Meanwhile, May tricked Grant Ward into killing Palamas. Ward held her as she drowned on her own blood.

Andrew Garner

Ward decided that he would lead HYDRA.[10] He added Werner von Strucker to his campaign for closure, and sent him to join the class of Andrew Garner, a Culver University psychology professor and the ex-husband of Melinda May. Hunter decided that he wanted revenge on Ward for hurting his lover[11] and recruited May to assist him since Morse was not ready for field work.[12] Working his way up the ranks, Hunter attacked Ward upon finally seeing him.[13]


Andrew Garner is cornered by Werner von Strucker

"Instinct will take over again... like it did at the convenience store."
"Look, I didn't want to hurt anyone, but I... I didn't know what was happening."
"You killed all those people."
Andrew Garner and Melinda May[src]

At Aaron's Market, Andrew Garner grew suspicious of someone filming him. Soon, Werner von Strucker confronted Garner with a cigarette lighter. A third person arrived with a can of gasoline and locked the door. The clerk managed to run away.[13]

As he was nearing his death, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, pretending to be a shopper but assigned by Phil Coulson to tail Garner, intervened and managed to kill one of the HYDRA thugs threatening Garner. In the subsequent gunfire, the agent was killed.

However, Garner decided to kill von Strucker and transformed into Lash. He blasted the assassin, giving Strucker the chance to escape. Garner transformed back into a human being, set the building on fire, and seemingly perishing as von Strucker overheard the resulting explosion behind a car. Garner was rescued by Coulson after the ensuing chaos.[14]

Lash kills a HYDRA operative

Concurrently, Lance Hunter and Melinda May witnessed this on a cell phone during a gunfight with Grant Ward. Ward told Hunter that he would spare Garner's life if he let him escape. Hunter believed that it was a trick and refused, choosing instead to try and kill Ward, only to miss his shot and accidentally allow Ward to escape. As Ward was unable to order Strucker to stop, the mission went ahead; May found out that the video footage was completely real and was left furious at both Hunter and Ward, believing Garner had died.[13]


Andrew Garner hospitalized

"You thought you covered your tracks, but you didn't."
"Melinda, honestly, what are you getting at?"
"That von Strucker kid was alive! He didn't die in that blast. I tracked him down. He told me what you did."
Melinda May and Andrew Garner[src]

Andrew Garner was brought back to the Playground and Phil Coulson allowed a S.H.I.E.L.D. medic to examine him;[14] however, Garner made sure to leave before blood work could be taken that would confirm him as an Inhuman.[15]

Melinda May researched the attack and learned that Werner von Strucker was a participant. Hoping to find Grant Ward, she and Bobbi Morse chased Strucker to a penthouse in Lisbon where they found him being tortured by HYDRA operative Kebo. This started the Skirmish in Lisbon where Morse and May defeated the operatives. During an interrogation of a dying von Strucker, May learned that Garner was Lash, to her amazement and dismay, before von Strucker entered a coma.[14]