"What's new?"
"Nothing much. Beat up a couple dudes, turned out to be robots."
Quake and Ghost Rider[src]

The Attack on Aida was an attempt by Ghost Rider to reclaim the Darkhold and take the book and the rogue android Aida to Hell.


"I don't think we've seen the last of Mr. Reyes."
Phil Coulson[src]
Ghost Rider returns

Ghost Rider returns from Hell

During the Battle at the Chinatown Crew Headquarters, Ghost Rider chose to sacrifice himself to stop Eli Morrow and was trapped in Hell. However, Phil Coulson felt that they would soon meet the Ghost Rider once again.[1] Indeed, when Aida, through her actions in the Framework, finally acquired a living body thanks to the Darkhold and Project Looking Glass, she did so by harnessing matter from Hell.

The creation of Aida's new body formed a tear between Hell and the Earthly Plane, enabling Ghost Rider to return and fulfill his new mission: bringing Aida and the Darkhold where they both belonged as they were made of dark matter. Thus, Ghost Rider appeared through an Inter-Dimensional Gate in a devastated Playground right after the Escape from Aida.[2] He then reclaimed his Hell Charger and went in pursuit of his targets.[3]



Ghost Rider destroys the Life-Model Decoys

"You're not like those machines anymore. What have you done?"
"I'll show you."
Ghost Rider and Aida[src]

Ghost Rider drove his Hell Charger to the facility where Aida and Anton Ivanov had taken the Darkhold and prepared for their plan to put in place an anti-Inhumans and anti-S.H.I.E.L.D. dictatorship. Ghost Rider demanded the Darkhold be handed over. Smirking at this seemingly reckless opponent, Aida ordered her Life-Model Decoys to take him down. However, Ghost Rider easily destroyed them, throwing Anton Ivanov against a stone pillar and piercing through the head of Sergei Mishkin LMD with his Hellfire Chain.

During the fight, the Darkhold fell on the ground. Aida went to reclaim it, but Ghost Rider whipped her with his Hellfire Chain, leaving her with a burn on her right arm which she could not recover from despite her powers. Aida attacked him with her electrokinetics ability, but when Ghost Rider transformed into his demonic form, he resisted the assault and jumped to strike another blow with his chain. However, upon seeing that Ghost Rider was a too formidable opponent for her to defeat, Aida teleported away from Ghost Rider.[3]


"There's only one person who might be able to stop me."

Aida's fight with Ghost Rider left her with a permanent burn on her right arm. Aida and Anton Ivanov figured out that since Ghost Rider came from Hell, just like the dark matter which formed Aida's body, and he was able to hurt and even destroy her, blocking her regenerative abilities. Therefore, Aida would try her best to remain far from the Ghost Rider.

Ghost Rider remained in the building after the battle and was found by Daisy Johnson, and ultimately allied once again with S.H.I.E.L.D. in their common attempt to stop Aida. The alliance would eventually lead to Aida's death at the hands of Phil Coulson temporarily bonding with the Spirit of Vengeance and Ghost Rider's return to Hell with the Darkhold.[3]


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