"Plastics. That's our future? Damn, none of y'all saw “The Graduate”?"
"No, but yes, plastics. That's how Atreus got their start. They're small, but brilliant."
Mariah Dillard and Piranha Jones[src]

Atreus Plastics is a plastics company operating in New York City founded by Mark Higgins.


Atreus Plastics was founded by Mark Higgins, and went on to become the largest black-owned plastics company in the world. They produced indestructible plastics for military use.[1]

One of Atreus Plastics trucks was used by a group of mercenaries in order to extract Wilson Fisk, who was just arrested, from police custody. Following his extraction the truck was driven to a garage, where they left if in exchange of a truck from Summerville Department Stores. In the same garage multiple trucks from Atreus Plastics were parked.[2]

Atreus developed a 75-inch OLED monitor that was so thin it could be rolled up and carried around like a poster. Glenn Industries were aware of the product, and were looking to take over Atreus Plastics. Raymond Jones was also aware of the product, and used the information to advise Mariah Dillard to buy a controlling interest in Atreus so that they could then be sold to Glenn Industries, since Higgins would never sell the company.[1]


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  • In the comics, Atreus Plastics is a company involved in the creation of high grade plastic explosives.


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