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"The struggling mind will often build places to seek shelter for different aspects of the self from our most traumatic memories. It's called just an organizing principle, okay? Some people, they see a castle, right? Somebody else will see a maze, or a library."
"Or a... psych ward?"
Arthur Harrow and Marc Spector

Asylum is the fifth episode of the first season of Moon Knight.


Marc & Steven search through their memories to find their truth or become left behind.


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Startled by Taweret, Marc Spector finds himself back at Arthur Harrow's office at the Putnam Psychiatric Hospital. Harrow keeps trying to convince Spector that his superhero alter-ego was just a figment of his imagination, created to shelter Spector from traumatic memories. Because of Spector's violent episode, Harrow calls for Bobbi Kennedy and Billy Fitzgerald, who sedate Spector. Spector wakes up with Steven Grant and Taweret, with the latter explaining that Spector is dead, and now he is in an afterlife world called Duat.

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As Spector and Grant find themselves at Taweret's boat, she puts the hearts of Spector and Grant on the Scales of Justice, so they could be judged, whether they can enter the Field of Reeds or not. However, the scales are not balanced, which means that Spector and Grant's hearts are incomplete, so Taweret tells them to dive deep into their memories and find the truth, otherwise, their souls will be destroyed. Exploring their memories in the hospital, they come across of a room full of dead people, whom Spector recognizes as criminals he killed by Khonshu's orders. As Spector admits that their deaths weigned on them for a while, the scales start slowing down.

Grant then suddenly sees a little boy and follows him into another memory, and it turns out that the boy was young Spector, living a happy life with his mother Wendy, father Elias, and brother Randall, the existense of the latter becomes a shock for Grant. The Spector brothers go playing in a cave, reenacting the scene from Tomb Buster, but the cave gets flooded and Randall drowns to his death. Grant then sees that Wendy blamed Marc for Randall's death and grew to despise him, although Grant remembered her differently. Spector stops Grant, saying that he does not want to relive those memories again, while Grant comes across another memory, where Spector leaves the family house, despite Elias' pleas.

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Spector and Grant then see a memory of his raid on the dig site, during which Raul Bushman murdered Abdallah El-Faouly and tried to kill Spector. Dying Spector crawls inside Khonshu's Temple, where lunar god offers him a life, in exchange of becoming Khonshu's warrior. Spector accepts the offer and becomes Moon Knight, being granted with the suit to punish the evildoers on Khonshu's behalf.

Spector and Grant then return to the boat, as the souls in Du'at are being judged and condemned before their time, because of Arthur Harrow. Taweret cannot bring Spector back to the realm of living, as his body is mortally wounded, so he has no choice but to ask Taweret to get a message to Layla El-Faouly to free Khonshu, as they had no other option. Taweret reluctantly turns her boat back to the Gates of Osiris, while Spector and Grant rush to the hospital to balance the scales. Spector does not want to relive his memories and returns to Harrow's office, as he wonders if Spector created Grant to hide from the pain, or Grant created Spector to punish the world for what his mother did to him.

In another memory, young Spector hides in his bedroom from Wendy and due to the stress she puts on him, Spector develops a second personality, based on both Randall and Steven Grant from Tomb Buster. Assuming the personality of Grant, he manages to hide from the pain and abuse his mother puts him through. Grant is mortified, realizing that he is not real and is just a creation of Spector's psyche, as Spector tells him that Grant was able to live a normal life, blissfully unaware of his suffering and Wendy's death.


Grant dismisses everything and loses his temper, finding himself at Harrow's office, who greets Grant. Grant keeps disregarding what Spector told him, insisting that his mother was alive and they talked to each other, but when Harrow offers him to call her, Grant has no choice but to admit the truth. Grant sees the memory of Wendy's shiva, which Spector refused to visit before breaking down and switching to Grant's personality. Spector says that he could not face his father after everything he had done, but Grant tells him that none of it was his fault.

Spector and Grant are brought back to the boat, where Taweret tells them that the scales are still not balanced, which means they cannot go through the gates. The unbalanced souls of people Spector killed enter the boat and try to claim Spector's soul, but Grant manages to save him in time. However, one of the souls causes Grant to fall overboard, as he freezes in sands of Du'at. Grant's sacrifice causes the scales to balance, which allows Spector to enter the Field of Reeds.


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Mas Alla Del Sol Manuel Bonilla Marc Spector enters the Field of Reeds.
Love and Revenge - Saat Saat Rayess Bek End credits.


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