"Our Astralscope projects your consciousness here."
Taryan to Quake[src]

The Astralscope is an information transmitting device used by the Confederacy, which can be used to share visions about events occurring in distant locations as well as to project the consciousness of an individual in a fictitious place.


When Phil Coulson was brought to him by General Hale, Confederacy leader Qovas used his Astralscope to show him a vision of a spaceship journeying to Earth, foreshadowing the Infinity War caused by Thanos and the Black Order.[1]

Qovas Vision Transmission

Qovas gives his Remorath warriors the location of the Gravitonium

Later, Qovas used his Astralscope on his Remorath troops as they were invading the Lighthouse so they would all know where to find the Gravitonium they were looking for.[2]

20-Astralscope Destroyed

Quake breaks the Astralscope put on her forehead

As Quake was knocked unconscious by Glenn Talbot and captured by the Remorath, they put an Astralscope on her forehead, which transferred her consciousness to a place replicating the Confederacy meeting room, where she had a conversation with the Kree Taryan. Quake was eventually informed that she was actually unconscious, but she managed to channel enough will to break out of the Astralscope's effect, which damaged the device placed on her forehead.[3]

Design and Capabilities

11-Quake Astralscope

An Astralscope used on an unconscious Quake

The Astralscope is a small circular device which must be placed on the forehead on the individual selected to receive a vision. The device can be used either for sharing visions of actual events, like when Qovas showed Phil Coulson an image of an extraterrestrial warship coming to Earth, or to transfer the consciousness of an otherwise unconscious subject in a fictitious place, where they can interact with other Astralscope users. In this second case, however, the one receiving the vision can break free of the effects with enough willpower.


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