"As leader of our great kingdom, I had to make a choice. Stagnation or revolution."

The Assassination of the Genetic Council was a trap staged by Maximus to exact revenge upon the remaining members of the Genetic Council after they rejected his request to go through Terrigenesis for a second time. Maximus demanded a meeting between the Council and ordered the Attilan Royal Guard to eliminate them.


"The Genetic Council can't allow any form of genetic experiment on you. The consequence could be fatal."
Tibor to Maximus[src]
Genetic Council MWFM

Maximus is denied the opportunity of going through Terrigenesis again

In an attempt to undergo a second Terrigenesis so he could gain superhuman powers, which had been denied to him the first time, Prince Maximus led a revolution to overthrow the Inhuman Royal Family. Once his family, and especially King Black Bolt and Queen Medusa were exiled on Earth, Maximus took the throne of Attilan for himself. He then summoned the Genetic Council and revealed his plan, asking for the authorization of the Council to carry on. However, the Genetic Council led by Tibor refused, stating that it was too dangerous for Maximus, leaving Maximus infuriated with this decision.[1]


"Although there may be growing pains, a society must innovate if it is to progress, achieve, expand, advance, and evolve."

Frustrated by the Genetic Council's rejection towards his requests to go through a second Terrigenesis, King Maximus ordered Tibor to request a meeting between the Council. The Council gathered together in the throne room, unaware it was a trap and that the Attilan Royal Guard were approaching to eliminate them. When they arrived, the Council were brutally beaten before being killed. Only Tibor was spared by Maximus, speaking with Maximus on the very moment the other members were killed.[1]


Maximus Executes Tibor

Maximus executes Tibor for his betrayal

"I only pointed out how some of his people might feel about his rule."
"We are some of those people. We need your assistance to take down the false King of Attilan."
Tibor and Rebel Leader[src]

With the Genetic Council being eliminated, Maximus eliminated most of the opposition he had on Attilan, enabling him to carry his plans more freely. However, the death of the Genetic Council, associated with a forced conscription ordered by Maximus to eliminate the members of the Inhuman Royal Family who were stranded on Earth, grew discontent among the population. Tibor himself disagreed with Maximus' policies and eventually joined a secret rebellious movement.[2] This rebellion, however, would eventually fail,[3] and only the Royal Family could keep Maximus from achieving his plans.[4]


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