"You murdered Winn. How do you live with that?"
"I killed him to save your life."
Ray Nadeem and Tammy Hattley[src]

The Assassination of Winn was a murder of Winn executed by Tammy Hattley in order to protect Ray Nadeem, who learned about Wilson Fisk's criminal conspiracy.


"And as crazy as it sounds, I think Poindexter may have perpetrated the attack at the Bulletin."
"What the hell are you talking about? Why would you think that?"
"Because while I was pursuing those suspicions yesterday Dex shot me."
Ray Nadeem and Winn[src]

Following the ambush at the workshop, Melvin Potter informed Daredevil that man who responsible for killing Jasper Evans and several New York Bulletin employees, posing himself as Daredevil, was the FBI agent. Murdock then found Ray Nadeem and informed him about his suspicions. At the Presidential Hotel, Nadeem checked agents' personal files and found out that their suspect was Benjamin Poindexter.

Together, they went to Benjamin Poindexter's Apartment while Poindexter was distracted by Andrea Morales. Inside the apartment, they checked the location and Murdock stated that Daredevil's Suit was hid somewhere else but instead, he found Eileen Mercer's audiotapes. Before they could leave or find anything else, they were attacked by Poindexter who returned to his home. Poindexter managed to shot Nadeem but was stopped by New York City Police Department what allowed Nadeem and Murdock to escape.[3]


Tammy Hattley and Winn listen to Ray Nadeem's hypothesis

"No! Ray! Put down the gun! Please!"
Tammy Hattley to Ray Nadeem[src]

Ray Nadeem arranged a secret meeting with Winn and Tammy Hattley in her house. On the record, Nadeem exposed everything he knew about Wilson Fisk's criminal conspiracy which included the FBI and specifically Benjamin Poindexter. Nadeem stated that Office of Professional Responsibility needs to start an internal investigation into Fisk and Poindexter and then took full responsibility for recent events, noting that this should not fall on Hattley.

Tammy Hattley threatens to kill Ray Nadeem

Hattley informed Nadeem that she have to place him on administrative leave immediately. Nadeem understood and turned his gun and badge, assuring her that he will cooperate fully. Winn decided to call an ambulance for injured Nadeem before Hattley took several shots in Winn from Nadeem's gun and made it looks like Winn was killed by him. They then were visited by Felix Manning who handed gun with Nadeem's fingerprints and the recording, making clear that Hattley was corrupted by Fisk. Hattley then assured Nadeem that now he works for Fisk too before returning him his badge.[4]


"After the body of Supervisory Special Agent Winn was found in the Hudson, search divers also recovered the murder weapon. The registered service sidearm of fellow FBI agent Ray Nadeem."
Tammy Hattley[src]

Realizing that he was corrupted, Nadeem was forced to work on Kingpin alongside Hattley and Poindexter. Hattley told him that she killed Winn in order to save his life.[4]

In the wake of murder of Nadeem, Fisk ordered the FBI to change the narrative of recent events. Hattley publicly stated that Winn's corpse was found in the Hudson River. According to her, search divers recovered the murder weapon that was possessed by Nadeem who was shot for resisting arrest. However, before his death, Nadeem recorded a dying declaration and exposed that Winn actually was killed by Hattley.[5]


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