"Look, I know what I've done and what I am. [...] But for the first time, I'm grateful, because it takes a monster to stop a monster, and that's what's coming for Trish!"
Will Simpson[src]

The Assassination of Will Simpson was an attempt by Alisa Jones to kill Will Simpson, who was protecting Trish Walker.


"Don't come any closer."
Trish Walker to Will Simpson[src]

After Trish Walker was sobbing on the set of a movie, she notices her multiple missed calls from Griffin Sinclair and Jessica Jones. She inspects some suspicious noises she hears and finds Will Simpson in a black hoodie. She pulls out a gun, warning him not to take another step, and when he does she shoots him in the leg. Despite this, Simpson seems not to care and still limps forward.

Jones knocks down Dorothy Walker's apartment door and Dorothy attacks her with a golf club, but Jessica easily knocks it out of her hands, saying she has sixty seconds to tell her what happened between her and Trish. Dorothy hastily says she a right to a relationship with her daughter, and that if Trish wanted Jessica to know, she would've told her. But Jessica continues to count down from sixty, and Dorothy tells her that Trish wanted to know Max Tatum's contact information, and tells Jessica he is in Brooklyn filming a movie.[1]


"It's here! Take Trish, and run. Run!"
Will Simpson to Jessica Jones[src]
Jones and Trish finding Will

Jessica Jones finds Will Simpson tied up

Jessica Jones arrives at the Brooklyn movie set, which has closed for the night, and follows a trail of blood to an empty stage, where Trish Walker has tied up a bleeding Will Simpson. Walker shows Jones some drugs she found on him, commenting on how they are like the pills he took before, as they keep him from feeling pain. Jones accuses him of killing Whizzer and Dr. Kozlov, but he denies, it saying the new drugs he is taking permits him from losing control like before, and that he only wants to protect Trish from IGH.

Simpson tells the two IGH sent someone to stop Trish's investigation into them. He says that he is the only one who knows about what Koslov was involved in because he was trapped in an IGH clinic, where Jessica herself was experimented on, by someone other than Koslov according to Simpson. He says he overheard a conversation between Koslov and the other person about wanting Trish out of the way. Trish asks why she is still alive if they want her dead, and Jessica suggests it is because perhaps Simpson has been protecting her.

The lights suddenly go out, and Simpson tells tells Jessica to take Trish and run. Jessica unties his bonds, and Trish gives Simpson her gun, and he struggles to run with his limp in the opposite direction of Trish and Jessica. The two women hurry towards an exit and hear Simpson shouting far away. They run into a shadowy figure, who leaps into the air above them, and exits through a stage door behind them. Jessica remarks that they weren't after Trish. They run and find Simpson dead on the floor with his neck snapped.[1]


"Simpson was right. It takes a monster to stop a monster. He just wasn't the right monster."
Jessica Jones[src]

Jessica Jones and Trish Walker visit a beach vacation spot Jones used to go to with her family to dump Will Simpson's body out at sea. Walker was disappointed that he didn't get a proper funeral, but Joness pointed out that the police have already found her with too many bodies. They prepared to abandon Simpson's stolen car and remove the evidence. Walker found an arsenal of guns and the special drug he always took in the trunk. Jones wanted to dump them, too, but Walker insists on keeping it.[2]


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