"A man showed up at the border who claims to have killed Klaue!"

The Assassination of Ulysses Klaue was an assassination on Ulysses Klaue by Erik Killmonger in order to go to Wakanda and claim the throne.


"On our way back, just drop us off in Wakanda."
"You don't want to go there, boy."
Erik Killmonger and Ulysses Klaue[src]
In the CIA South Korean Black Site in Busan, Ulysses Klaue is placed in an interrogation room on his own. He begins to taunt T'Challa on the other side of the one way mirror. A few minutes later, Everett Ross enters and starts to interrogate Klaue, now singing 'What Is Love'. Klaue asks Ross how much he really knows about Wakanda.

Killmonger's crew rescues Klaue from Ross

Upon hearing Ross' answer, Klaue explains that it is actually a technological advanced country and not a third world one that everyone believes it to be; smirking, he reveals that his arm is made from modified Wakandan mining technology and that, contrary to what the world at large believes, he had not stolen the country's entire supply of vibranium but only a tiny fraction of it. Klaue further sows doubt in Ross's mind by suggesting he ask T'Challa what his Panther Habit and claws are made from. Once Ross leaves the room, Erik Killmonger breaks into the facility and extracts Klaue by breaching the wall next to him with charges, severely injuring Ross while he made his escape, still handcuffed to the interrogation chair.[1]


BP - Klaue Holding Hostage

Ulysses Klaue threatening to shoot Linda

"You're crazy to think that you can just walk in there. And to think I saw you as a crazy American..."
Ulysses Klaue to Erik Killmonger[src]

Ulysses Klaue was taken to an old junkyard where their getaway plane is waiting, and expressed his thoughts to return back to Johannesburg to continue his criminal activities. After loading the artifact onto the plane, Erik Killmonger asked to be transported to Wakanda, but due to the friction between T'Challa and Klaue, he refused.

BP - Klaue Shoots Killmonger

Ulysses Klaue is attacked by Erik Killmonger

With this, Killmonger shot Limbani twice in the chest. Seeing this betrayal, Klaue was quick to retaliate by grabbing Linda and holding her at gunpoint while threatening to kill her. Reassuring Linda that everything would be alright, Killmonger shot through her to get to Klaue. However, the bullet did not successfully go through her and Klaue fled to nearby cover.

BP - Killmonger Kills Klaue

Erik Killmonger murders Ulysses Klaue

Whilst hiding behind a wrecked car, Klaue opened fire on Killmonger but ended up being shot himself instead. Killmonger approached and revealed the tattoo indicating his royal status after Klaue revealed a brand on his neck as a result of his previous Attack on Wakanda. Realizing that Killmonger was actually N'Jadaka, a claimant to the Wakandan throne, Klaue began laughing at him, having previously thought him nothing more than a deluded American. Annoyed, Killmonger shot Klaue in the head.[1]


Klaue is Murdered

Ulysses Klaue's corpse is taken to Wakanda

"I'm staying in your house, serving justice to a man who stole your vibranium and murdered your people. Justice your king couldn't deliver."
Erik Killmonger[src]

Klaue's corpse was bagged in a body bag by Killmonger. Upon arriving at Wakanda's border in the getaway plane, Killmonger presented Klaue's corpse to the Border Tribe leader W'Kabi. Klaue's body was then presented to the Golden Tribe, using it as a token to prove himself worthy of the Wakandan throne.[1]


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