"At the same time your brownstone was being burned down, Thomas Ridenhour was shot and killed. He was meeting with a confidential informant."
Misty Knight to Mariah Dillard[src]

The Assassination of Tom Ridenhour was an uplanned attack on New York City Police Department Captain Tom Ridenhour orchestrated by his informant Comanche.


"AI gave you a week to get me what I need. The clock is ticking."
"You're too late. Mariah's gone legit."
"You're just protecting your homeboy Shades."
Tom Ridenhour and Comanche[src]

Former Seagate inmate Darius "Comanche" Jones was recruited by NYPD Captain Tom Ridenhour. He managed Comanche to infiltrate Harlem's Paradise and inform him about Mariah Dillard's plans. He returned to New York City and met with his friend and former inmate Shades who gave Comanche job at Paradise.[3]

Comanche informed Ridenhour about Dillard's moves and helped them at police investigation. However, he behaved too suspiciously. Shdeas began to suspect and asked Comanche about possible snitch. To divert attention from himself, he told Shades that Sugar can be a snitch. Shades did not believe him and decided to follow him.[4]


"Ridenhour slipped up when he questioned Mariah. He knew about Tone going off the roof. Nobody else knew about that, except Mariah, myself, Cottonmouth, Turk and Comanche. It had to be him, because I trusted him with it. I got the drop on 'em both. Che panicked. And when his lies stopped working, he shot Ridenhour."
Shades to Misty Knight and Colin Dunbar[src]
Shades kills Comanche

Shades shooting Comanche in the stomach

Ridenhour contacted with Comanche and organized meeting at drop site without cameras. Arrived, Comanche began to worry that Shades exposed him. Ridenhour tried to calm him but saw a man who was approaching to them. When Comanche recognized Shades he quickly pulled out a gun on Ridenhour. He continued convince Shades that Sugar is a police informant and Comanche got Ridenhour as his contact. Ridenhour tried to propose Shades a deal and indirectly gave up Comanche. He shot Ridenhour at the chest to save himself.

Comanche still tried to expose Shades that he is not a snitch. He played along and pretended that he believed Comanche. But used a Ridenhour's gun he shot Comanche for his betrayal and staged it to look like that Ridenhour managed to shot him. However, Shades fell for emotions and shot Comanche at close range by himself. After this, Shades leaved left two dead bodies.[4]


"Mr. Alvarez, we ran your plates, and you were in the vicinity of the crime and are now a suspect."
"That's thin as hell, and you know it. Mr. Alvarez has nothing to do with this, either."
"Mr. Alvarez is a person of interest in the murder of Thomas Ridenhour. He was friends with the other victim and was spotted 30 blocks from the murder scene."
Misty Knight and Benjamin Donovan[src]
Soon, police learned about death of their captain. Detectives Misty Knight, Mark Bailey and Nandi Tyler arrived to the location and found Ridenhour's corpse. Deputy Chief Priscilla Ridley arrived to the 29th Precinct Police Station to participate investigation. They learned that Shades' car was close to in the vicinity of the crime. Shades became a suspect and was detained to interrogation. Benjamin Donovan was hired by Bushmaster who earned all Dillard's money and did not defend him. But police had no evidence against Shades and he was set free.[5]

Later, Shades decided to testify against Dillard, now going by Stokes, and gave them all information about her crimes and, also, he told them about Ridenhour's murder. Comanche's mother Janis Jones heard Shades' confession and spited in his face for murder of her son. After Dillard's death, Shades was arrested for his crimes.[6]


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