"So is Konchevsky around or what?"
"Funny you should ask, Turk. Konchevsky's dead. Someone killed him."
Turk Barrett and Kazan[src]

The Assassination of Sergei Konchevsky was a capture and assassination mission orchestrated by John Pilgrim.


"It all goes back to Konchevsky, right? The guy who hired us."
Amy Bendix to Frank Castle[src]

Planning his move against Anderson and Eliza Schultz, Nikolai Poloznev contacted with Russian Mafia member Sergei Konchevsky. Poloznev ordered Konchevsky to find compromising information about the Schultzes to blackmail them. Konchevsky hired Fiona and her group of grifters and they infiltrated at the funeral where they take several photographs of Senator David Schultz kissing another man.[2]

Schultzes, however, learned about it and ordered John Pilgrim to take the photographs and get rid of anyone connected with this. Locating Fiona in Chicago, Pilgrim killed Fiona and others but one of them, Amy Bendix managed to escape and hide from him.[3]



Sergei Konchevsky talks to Amy Bendix on the phone

"Look, I did good for you. You promised you'd let me go."
"That is not true. I promised to give you peace."
Sergei Konchevsky and John Pilgrim[src]

John Pilgrim managed to find Sergei Konchevsky in Chicago and captured him. Brought to the warehouse, tied up and beaten by Pilgrim, Konchevsky stated that he will be as good as dead if he gives up his employers. Konchevsky's phone then rang and Pilgrim forced him to answer. Amy Bendix informed Konchevsky that Fiona and the rest of her crew were killed and she was the only one who survived and took the photographs with her.

Konchevsky asked Bendix where she is and she answered that she reached to Lola's Roadhouse in Michigan. Bendix said Konchevsky to came and pay her for photographs. With Pilgrim knowing about the location of photographs and the last survivor, Konchevsky asked him to let him go. Pilgrim instead, choked him for death in order to get rid of another witness.[4]


"Did you kill Konchevsky?"
"No. Did you?"
"Dima is my nephew. I wouldn't lay a hand on that boy."
"Someone did. Someone who's chasing the girl, photographs."
Punisher and Kazan[src]

Knowing the location of Amy Bendix, John Pilgrim ordered Marlena Olin to find Amy Bendix and bring her to him. However, she was saved by Frank Castle who killed several mercenaries and escaped with her.[4]

Sergei Konchevsky's corpse was found by Kazan and the rest of Russian Mafia who then started to search his killer. Through Turk Barrett they lured Castle to Kazan's Gym to force him to tell him all he knows. However, Castle killed several of his men and threaten to kill Kazan. He then informed Castle that Konchevsky was hired by Nikolai Poloznev.[5]


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