The Assassination of Samatha Reyes was the shooting in the New York State Supreme Court Building executed by Blacksmith in order to assassinate District Attorney Samantha Reyes and frame Frank Castle.


Samantha Reyes discovers a copy of Frank Castle's cranial radiography in her daughter’s backpack and worries for her safety. Reyes was mortified and her daughter was put into protective custody.[3]


Fearing the worst, Reyes called upon the help of Nelson and Murdock to try and locate Castle before anyone else got hurt. However, Foggy Nelson insisted that she first explain the real reasons why Castle would be targeting her.

Both Reyes and Blake Tower then reluctantly explained how she had inadvertently caused the Massacre at Central Park which had claimed the lives of not only some gang members but Castle's entire family while Reyes had tried and failed to capture the Blacksmith. Although Karen Page insisted that Castle would not harm Reyes' child, she was not convinced and begged them to give her whatever information they could about him.[3]

As Reyes was speaking, Matt Murdock heard a gun being loaded and pushed his friends out of the way just as a hail of bullets shot Reyes through the back and killed her. Murdock pulled Page and Nelson down from gunfire, but Foggy was shot in the arm, injuring him.[3]


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"I have to find him, Foggy. I know where to start."
"You always know where to start. You just never know when to stop, Matt."
"I'm not asking for your permission."
Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson[src]

The New York City Police Department and FBI swarmed the courthouse, searching for and blaming the assassination on the Punisher. The trio left the courthouse as Foggy was treated by an Emergency Medical Technician. Murdock informed Foggy that he would find Castle and get to the bottom of this, though the latter was skeptical that he would find him. Murdock insisted that he knew where to start looking, with Nelson stating he wouldn't' know when to stop looking. [3]

The real assassin, Ray Schoonover began to cover his tracks and went on to eliminate his second target, Gregory Tepper.


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