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"Cornell. I told you what to do. Stand up straight. And do it."
Mama Mabel to Cottonmouth[src]

The Assassination of Pistol Pete was a successful attempt by Mama Mabel to manage Cornell Stokes to kill Pistol Pete for his betrayal.


"You better have a damn good reason for not being here when I needed you."
"Pete took me to an audition."
"You expect me to believe that an audition took six hours?"
"He stopped in Spanish Harlem."
"Puerto Ricans? Like that Tato Lopez and Sal..."
"I heard Salvador. That's who Pete talked to."
Mama Mabel and Cottonmouth[src]

Stokes tells Mama Mabel of his uncle's deals

When Cornell Stokes returned to the house, he was confronted by Mama Mabel who explained that while he was gone. Stokes revealed that Pistol Pete had taken him to an audition before stopping off at Spanish-Harlem to meet with Salvador Colon while Stokes had spoken with Domingo Colon. Mabel understood that Pete involved the Stokes Family in drugs without her knowledge.[2]


"You don't have to do this, Cornell. And all that talent you have? What are you doing? You're not built for this. Why do you think I pay for all those lessons, man? You can be something better than all of us."
Pistol Pete to Cottonmouth[src]

Mabel confronted Pete in living room for betraying her to the Colon's family, with Pete noting that he was trying to make a deal that would help them rule New York City. When Pete noted that Mabel always had a plan for these situations, she revealed that Cornell was standing behind him, threatening Pete with a gun. Mabel ordered him to force Pete outside of the house to be executed for his betrayal.


Stokes aims his gun at his uncle Pistol Pete

Pete tried to reason with Cornell, reminding him that he was not built to be a murderer. Mariah Dillard then stepped out and told Pete that he deserved to die for what he had done to their family and to her, with Mabel keeping him calm before Cornell fired two shots into Pete's chest, killing him. While Stokes looked at the corpse of his uncle in horror, Mabel took the gun away from him and reminded him that family always came first with them, leaving Cornell as a cold hearted killer.[2]


"Uncle Pete betrayed us."
"Uncle Pete was the only one who ever had my back."
Mariah Dillard and Cornell Stokes[src]

Pistol Pete's death would haunt Cornell Stokes for the rest of his life, however, he still continued to play the keyboard during the quiet moments of his life. Later on, he defended him against Mariah Dillard's hatred, even suggesting she welcomed his abuse.[2]


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