"There's a dead guy in that chair. Seem like he's been there for a while."
Curtis Hoyle to Lewis Wilson[src]

The Assassination of O'Connor was an unplanned attack on fraudulent Vietnam War veteran O'Connor by Lewis Wilson.


"He's not what you think he is. And you know that silver star he always talks about? The story that goes with it? He never served in Vietnam. He didn't sign up till '77 and never saw combat. He's a fraud and a liar, Lewis. He didn't serve, not like you. And he's not worth your respect."
Curtis Hoyle to Lewis Wilson[src]
Lewis Wilson joined O'Connor outside the courthouse, where the two protested the case. When a policeman approached them to order that they leave the premises, Wilson refused to move, saying that he was free to protest. Eventually, he was tackled and cuffed by the officer.

Wilson returned to Curtis Hoyle and asked why he had released him from jail. Hoyle disclosed that he had examined O'Connor's records and discovered that the stories that he had shared of his time spent in Vietnam War were untrue, only receiving training and discharged after an injury.[5]


"I read your army records. You never went to Vietnam."
"You have my records? Where'd you get my records from? The Internet? You know... the Jews run the internet."
"What's the name of the air base outside of Tam Kỳ? Well, you could google it. But if you were there, you would know."
Lewis Wilson and O'Connor[src]
Wilson paid a visit to O'Connor and interrupted his story with knowledge of O'Connor's actual military background. After denying the validity of information, Wilson counters by asking him to name of the air base outside Tam Kỳ without googling. O'Connor is unable and demands Wilson get out of his house and Wilson becomes angry, calls him a liar and throws a punch. A scuffle ensues and O'Connor grabs a knife, which he loses to Wilson who stabs him in the stomach. After a pause, Wilson proceeds to stab him over and over until he bleeds out in the armchair and dies.[5]


Returning home, Wilson crafted pipe bombs in the basement and planted them in several different businesses and buildings in New York City. Wilson also had his letter sent directly to Karen Page's desk, in which he vocalized his vision of the world and requested she chooses a side.

Later, in order to track down Wilson, Hoyle goes to O'Connor's house and found his body. However, he was ambushed and defeated by Wilson.[4]


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