The Assassination of Norex was an attempt to eliminate Vers, undertaken by Yon-Rogg.


After learning that Vers was stranded on her origin Planet C-53, Yon-Rogg tracked her beacon to a shack on Earth.[1]


"What have you done to her?"
"You're too late."
Yon-Rogg and Norex[src]

Yon-Rogg found Vers in a shack, where she tried to use the Kree's code system to identify herself to him. He stopped her, noting that the code system was compromised. They then began asking each other questions that they thought a Skrull wouldn't be able to answer. When Yon-Rogg asked her about her earliest memory of Hala, she correctly answered that it was a transfusion, with blue blood running through her veins, but when he asked her whose blood it was, she was surprised, unable to answer. Yon-Rogg correctly deduced that it was a Skrull and shot him in the chest with his pistol, fatally wounding him.

Yon-Rogg Executes Norex

Yon-Rogg executes Norex

In his final moments, Norex transformed back to his own Skrull shape. Yon-Rogg remarked to him that the blood coursing in her veins is his, and demanded to know what the Skrulls had done to her. Norex replied by saying that Yon-Rogg was too late, before an angered Yon-Rogg executed him with a final shot.[1]


Ronan the Accuser & Yon-Rogg

Yon-Rogg calling for Ronan the Accuser's support

Learning that Vers was compromised and knew everything, Yon-Rogg contacted Ronan the Accuser, asking for his help to eradicate Skrulls from Earth. Yon-Rogg then tracked Vers to Mar-Vell's Laboratory, leading to a fight involving the Starforce, Accusers, Vers and her allies.[1]


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