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The Assassination of Nikolai Poloznev was a planned assassination mission orchestrated by John Pilgrim.


"Factories, oil, chemicals, farming, all over this great country of yours. Soon enough nations will play second fiddle to corporations, Mr. Castle, the Schultzes plan to run America Inc."
Nikolai Poloznev to Frank Castle[src]

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Accepting Frank Castle's warning on continuing any criminal activities, Nikolai Poloznev prepared to leave the United States of America, together with his family, as part of the plan to keep them safe. As he was in the elevator with his bodyguards, Poloznev was suddenly confronted by John Pilgrim, who shot both of his guards in the head. Knowing he is going to die any second dead, Poloznev closed his eyes and calmly waits for his death. Pilgrim shot Poloznev in the head, leaving his corpse on the elevator while it closes.[2]


After killing Nikolai Poloznev and unable to retrieve the photos of David Schultz, John Pilgrim had met with Anderson Schultz and discussed on setting a bounty on Frank Castle and Amy Bendix.[3]


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