"Nigel had a big head, a big mouth, and... small ideas. Him had no vision."
Bushmaster to Shades[src]

The Assassination of Nigel Garrison was an execution orchestrated by Bushmaster in order to take control of the Yardies by killing their leader Nigel Garrison.


"My brother said you would never come here."
"And your brother told me he'd never do business with a Stokes. I warn him."
Nigel Garrison and Bushmaster[src]
John McIver, now calling himself Bushmaster, began his quest for revenge against the Stokes Crime Family and reclaim Harlem's Paradise. He and his best friend, Sheldon decided to make their first preparation to be establishing themselves in Brooklyn. Bushmaster aimed to do that by usurping control from Nigel Garrison, the boss of his old gang Yardies. Meanwhile, Garrison became one of the potential buyers of Mariah Dillard's criminal assets.[3]


"You're saying paper covers rock?"
"Who do you think you're talking to? Mi from the rock, too, you know?"
"I am the rock."
Bushmaster and Nigel Garrison[src]
LCS2 - Bushmaster Intro 2

Bushmaster confronts Nigel Garrison

Bushmaster and Sheldon waited for Nigel Garrison at his hideout. Bushmaster confronted Garrison about his dealings with Mariah Dillard. He declared that he will take control of his gang and reclaim Harlem. Garrison challenged his claim that even if he defeated Dillard, he still needed to contend with the local enhanced vigilante, Luke Cage. Deciding that Garrison was nonnegotiable, Bushmaster violently killed him and took control of the Yardies after demonstrating his own enhanced powers to the men.[3]


"I'm looking for Nigel, man."
"Him gone. Headed else where."
Luke Cage and Bushmaster[src]
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