"Are you just gonna let that thing out in the world?"
"That thing is my mother."
"She ripped my friend apart."
Pryce Cheng and Jessica Jones[src]

The Assassination of Nick Spanos was an attempt by Alisa Jones to stop Nick Spanos from investigating Jessica Jones.


"You can't drop the lawsuit against Jones without consulting the client, me."
"Well, given that you work for me, I felt confident you would agree."
"I don't, so I'm hiring a new firm to take on my case."
Pryce Cheng and Jeri Hogarth[src]

Pryce Cheng confronts Jeri Hogarth at her office, asking her why she stopped backing him on his charges against Jessica Jones. Hogarth tells him he should stop fighting battles he cannot win, and says he won't find anything on Jones. Cheng can tell there's something different with her, not knowing she has ALS, and tells her he's hired a new firm and hopes she sorts out what's wrong with her.[2]


"Get off me, lady."
Nick Spanos[src]

Under orders from Pryce Cheng, Nick Spanos walked into Jessica Jones' Apartment Building and into Alias Investigations Office, in which he began to collect all of Jones' evidences on her case. Closing his bags, he hid in the shadows as Malcolm Ducasse and his date drunkenly stumble into the apartment. Spanos moved out and towards his van, relaying to Cheng that he had cleared her office; however, he was suddenly attacked by a super-powered woman, crying out over the line as he was brutally killed in the back of the van.[2]


"Jessica Jones, you're under arrest for the murder of Nicholas Spanos."
"I don't know who that is!"
Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]

Jessica Jones and Trish Walker go to Jones' apartment with Inez Green in the backseat. Jessica get's out of the car to find the police outside her building. Malcolm Ducasse tells her to run, as they think she killed him, but the police see her and arrest her for the murder of Cheng's friend.[2]


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