"You won! You... you killed everyone! The bikers, the cartels, the Kitchen Irish, they're all gone!"
"Yeah. Yeah, almost."
Mickey O'Hare and Punisher[src]

The Assassination of Mickey O'Hare was the result of an attack on the last surviving member of the Kitchen Irish.


"Oh, shit, I'm the only one left? No, I'm good. I'm good. Yeah, about to board. Tell Dublin to get ready for a big party. I'm on my way."
Mickey O'Hare[src]

Having assassinated Ray Schoonover and helped Daredevil take down Hand agent Nobu Yoshioka, Frank Castle visited his house for the last time, taking a compact disc with the name "MICRO" on it.[2]

After setting the house on fire, he left New York and set out to kill the remaining members of the three gangs involved in the massacre that killed his wife and children.[2]

After eliminating the Dogs of Hell and the Mexican Cartel, Castle returned to New York so he could track down and kill mobster Mickey O'Hare, who was the last surviving member of the Kitchen Irish.[1]


"I get it. An eye for an eye and all that. I got a family of my own."
"I don't."
"For God's sake, man, killing me is not gonna bring yours back! What does it change if I'm dead?"
Mickey O'Hare and Punisher[src]

Castle tracked O'Hare to JFK International Airport and found the mobster in one of the men's restrooms, where he had locked himself in a stall and called a contact from his cell phone. O'Hare, who was unaware of Castle's presence, told the contact he had booked a flight to Dublin, Ireland and would soon be boarding.

At that moment, Castle burst into the stall and attacked O'Hare, who tried to persuade the vigilante into thinking that he had killed everyone he needed to kill. Castle, however, was unmoved by the mobster's pleas, even when O'Hare mentioned that he himself had a family.

When two men entered the restroom, Castle began to strangle O'Hare with his tie. The moment the two men left, disgusted by what they perceived were two men engaging in intercourse, Castle, who by this time had strangled O'Hare to death, left the mobster's corpse in the stall and proceeded to leave the restroom.[1]


"Look, you got half a life left to live, my friend. If you don't, you might as well be dead."
"I am dead, Curtis. You didn't hear?"
"Bullshit. You got a name, a passport. As I recall, Frank Castle's dead. Pete Castiglione, he's got a life."
Curtis Hoyle and Frank Castle[src]

Convinced that he had avenged his wife and children, Castle destroyed his Bulletproof Vest and abandoned his former life, taking on the alias "Pete Castiglione".

After living as Castiglione for six months, Castle was drawn back into his old life when he was forced to save a co-worker, which drew the attention of a figure from his past.[1]



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