"The last Stokes just died."
Tilda Johnson[src]

The Assassination of Mariah Dillard was an assassination mission orchestrated by Tilda Johnson in order to execute her mother, Mariah Dillard.


"The things that the Stokes did to him can't ever be repaid. But I am no longer paying for my mother's sins. Not anymore."
Tilda Johnson to Sheldon[src]

Following conflict at the Harlem's Paradise, Mariah Dillard was arrested by Misty Knight. Wounded Bushmaster managed to escape from scene and hid at Mother's Touch.

During his stay, McIver received medical aid from Tilda Johnson and told her that Dillard needed to die before she harmed anyone else. With his failure to achieve his revenge and the nightshade taking a heavy toll on his body, Bushmaster and Ingrid Mackintosh returned back to Jamaica while Sheldon thanking Johnson and asserting her that Dillard must die.[3]


"You can't save me?"
"Nah. I've done all the saving I can do. But I will keep you company."
Mariah Dillard and Luke Cage[src]

Before visiting her mother one last time in Ryker's Island, Johnson had concocted a deadly poison named Beso de la Araña and spread it across her lips. When she did visit Dillard, the latter stated that she no longer sees Pete in her, she now sees herself. Dillard had said that when she got out of prison, she and Johnson could start over again, but Johnson quickly refused that offer. Before she left, Johnson gave Dillard a kiss on the lips, with Dillard unaware that her own daughter poisoned her.

Later, Dillard was visited by Luke Cage. During their talk, Dillard began violently vomiting blood. She realized that she has been poisoned by Tilda from a previous visit. With no one coming to help her and nothing that Cage could do, he informed his dying enemy that he can't save her but he will stay by her side partly out of compassion but also out of a desire to watch her die. As Dillard gasped her last breath, she told Cage that their conflict wasn't done yet. With that said, Dillard died in his arms.[3]


"She really died in your arms?"
"And she thanked me. I'm not sure how I feel about that."
"I was around that lady my whole life. I know she was evil, but I can't front. I'm gonna miss her."
Dave Griffith, Luke Cage and Sugar[src]

Because of her death, Shades' deal with NYPD lapsed. Also, they received an anonymous ledger with information about Atreus Plastics dealings and a code that matched up with their gun sales. Misty Knight used it to arrest Alvarez.

Benjamin Donovan met with Cage and Johnson in Harlem's Paradise to bequeath Dillard's last will. The Basquiat was donated to the Studio Museum of Harlem. Her leftover millions were transformed the Family First Initiative into the Family First Foundation. Johnson got Cornell Stokes' keyboard. And Cage became the owner of Harlem's Paradise.[3]


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