"We share so much, you and I. That's why I thought it was, um, important to come and offer you an easy solution."
"Which is?"
"You're gonna kill yourself."
Harold Meachum and Lawrence Wilkins[src]

The Assassination of Lawrence Wilkins was a successful attempt by Harold Meachum to kill Lawrence Wilkins, who previously voted his family out of Rand Enterprises.


"I guess I was too optimistic to imagine the Hand would let me go."
"I think you'll find I'm much more easygoing than Gao. You see, she leads through fear. I find partnership to be a much more effective method."
"Oh? What are you proposing?"
"Everything that is Gao's is now mine. You proceed as you have, but with a different goal."
"And what would that be?"
"A way out. A return to public life for you."
Harold Meachum and Bakuto[src]

Danny Rand, having been public about his unapologetic attitude towards the company's admission of fault days prior, rejected to make a formal statement and shared that he spoke with reporter Karen Page about their plans to sell a vaccine at cost. With everyone on the Board upset, they held an emergency meeting; walking to her office, Joy Meachum was met with Lawrence Wilkins and two security guards, informing her that she, her brother, and Rand were voted out of Rand Enterprises.[5]

After his resurrection, Harold Meachum managed to travel the streets of New York City, back-tracking to the Rand Enterprises Building and relearning the access code to a back entrance and the combination to a wall safe in Ward's Office. He eventually returned to his penthouse. Gradually back to normal, Harold is visited by Ward himself, whom expressed shock to see his father alive as though he never died. Harold questioned if he was ever mean or troublesome with Ward and if he thought of him as a monster. Both answered with yes, Harold dropped the knife in hand and embraced his son, repeatedly apologizing and showing remorse for the actions prior. When Ward refused to cooperate with his father any further, he allowed him to leave but asked for the assistance of his sister Joy, which Ward did not desire.

Ward left the penthouse; however, Harold managed to plant heroin packets in his car and had his son committed to Birch Psychiatric Hospital to monitor him. He soon glanced at the cameras to his penthouse and noticed Joy enter. Controlling the elevators, he led her to the top floor. The two are finally reunited, Joy elated and tearful at the sight of her living father.[6]


"If you thought it was possible to kick my children out the door and steal everything we, as a family, built over the years, then you're sadly mistaken."
Harold Meachum to Lawrence Wilkins[src]

Returning to his office, Wilkins is visited by Harold Meachum. In disbelief, Wilkins requested that Meachum removed himself from the office. Instead, Meachum continued to speak, going on about how both fathers have dealt with their sons growing and changing, as long as construct lies to protect them. When he threatened Wilkins to reveal his crimes to his family if he did not commit suicide, Wilkins thought less of it, careless if he had informed his son of the embezzlement and prostitution. Meachum was disgusted, pulling out his gun and firing one bullet into Wilkins' head. A henchman returned to the office to clean the room. After Meachum questioned him about the alarms, he added that the henchman hurried in clearing the scene.[7]


"It's my sad duty to inform you all that Lawrence Wilkins committed suicide last night. This is an emergency, and Rand needs to respond accordingly. Now, we have been riddled with controversy over the past few weeks. The Danny situation, the firing of me and my brother. And now we have this. As soon as the news hits the airwaves, our stock, which is already falling, will plummet even further. Unless you see fit to reinstate the visionaries that led Rand to historic profits. Right the ship. Show Wall Street and the world that stability is being restored. Now, there will be whispers about the why of Wilkins' death, but Rand should quiet those fears with a show of strength. The Meachums will set things right."
Joy Meachum[src]

The next morning, Joy attended a meeting with the board, solemnly announcing that Wilkins had died last night, having committed suicide. She continued that with the company's circumstances, the Meachums were needed; she, her brother and Danny Rand were quickly reinstated back into Rand Enterprises.[7]


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