"A great guy, a solid cop. It's a damn tragedy that he got involved with the wrong people."
James Connors[src]

The Assassination of Kenneth Fuchs was the murder of Kenneth Fuchs executed by James Connors.


"Well, today's the anniversary of the night Connors shot Billy. You said it's got him on edge. I can haunt Connors. Psych him out."
Tyrone Johnson to Brigid O'Reilly[src]

Being determined to get justice for his brother, Tyrone Johnson was invited by Kenneth Fuchs and Brigid O'Reilly to discuss a plan to arrest James Connors for the murder. Johnson explained that he intended to pose as his deceased brother and use Connors' guilt and fear to make him believe Billy's ghost had returned to haunt him. Both Fuchs and O'Reilly advised Johnson against it, stating that it would be too dangerous. Johnson decided to demonstrate his powers to O'Reilly and Fuchs, convincing them to go according to his plan.

During a chase between Johnson and Connors, Fuchs remained hidden as Johnson made a final appearance in front of the corrupt detective. Fuchs then used his phone to record Connors' confession about the murder of Billy, enabling O'Reilly to arrest Connors. Fuchs and O'Reilly then brought back Connors to the New Orleans Police Department Station.[5]


As their murder case had been solved, Kenneth Fuchs decided to celebrate over dinner at his place with Brigid O'Reilly. Returning home, Fuchs expected O'Reilly but was brutally murdered by James Connors who bludgeoned him with a bat and stored his body in the refrigerator. A few hours later, O'Reilly discovered Fuchs' body and was horrified by the sight of him. One the forensic team came to collect Fuchs' body, O'Reilly found the bat that was used to kill him.[5]


"I found your prints. And then used this to saw off the piece of the railing used to beat Fuchs to death. The cut patterns will match. My DNA is all over it. With them and my confession, that's almost enough to exonerate you."
James Connors to Tyrone Johnson[src]

Having the next day of James Connors being secretly released, the New Orleans Police Department informed the Johnsons that Connors had been taken into custody and would be further investigated if he is responsible for Billy's death. Tyrone Johnson's parents hardly responded to the news and quietly left, infuriating him with the fact that his actions hardly did anything.

At the Johnson Residence, the NOPD raided the Johnson household, as Tyrone had been framed for murdering Kenneth Fuchs. Adina Johnson quickly urged her son to run and escaped household afterwards.[6]

Months later, as Connors left the Dark Dimension, he decided to atone his crimes. He saw off the piece of the railing he used to kill Fuchs and handed it to Tyrone, promising that it could help him put Connors behind the bars.[7]


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