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"You had him killed by your water bottle girl."
Dagger to Peter Scarborough[src]

The Assassination of Greg Pressfield was the execution of lawyer Greg Pressfield as ordered by Peter Scarborough, in order to destroy all evidence he may have collected for Melissa Bowen's case against the Roxxon Corporation.


"Why not just bury it with my dad?"
"That is the million dollar question. You know, the answer, I wager, is that these Roxxon guys are million dollar assholes."
Tandy Bowen and Greg Pressfield[src]

When the Roxxon Gulf Platform was destroyed because of an explosion of both Lightforce and Darkforce, Roxxon Corporation blamed its engineer Nathan Bowen, who had died in a car crash while the explosion occurred. Nathan's wife Melissa remained determined to clear her husband's name.[5] Melissa asked for assistance to the lawyer Greg Pressfield, who eventually became her lover. Pressfield, later helped by Melissa's daughter Tandy, managed to gather several pieces of evidence proving Roxxon's involvement in the destruction. However, the company eventually became aware of Pressfield's investigation.[1]


Sent by Peter Scarborough, Ashlie infiltrated into Greg Pressfield's office by posing as a delivery woman coming to deliver a water bottle. Pressfield barely paid attention to her, indicating where she should put the bottle. However, as soon as Pressfield looked away, Ashlie took her silenced pistol out and shot Pressfield directly in the head before he could even react, killing him instantly. Ashlie then spilled a flammable liquid in the office and set it on fire in order to burn down all of Pressfield's possessions. Unbeknownst to her, however, the whole crime was witnessed by Tandy Bowen.[1]


"Destroyed all the evidence. But you missed a couple things."
Dagger to Peter Scarborough[src]

Although she was horrified by the crime she had witnessed, Tandy Bowen eventually found the courage to return to Greg Pressfield's office. Using powers she was beginning to fully control, she cut through the walls of the office with a Lightforce dagger and retrieved evidence against Roxxon Corporation gathered by Pressfield which had not been destroyed by Ashlie.[1] This, later combined with help from Mina and Ivan Hess, enabled Bowen to fully establish Roxxon's accountability in the Destruction of the Roxxon Gulf Platform.[6] However, this caused Ashlie to attack Bowen's mother Melissa when Peter Scarborough found out about Tandy's knowledge.[7]

Despite having recently broken up with Pressfield, Melissa was willing to give their relationship a second chance and was devastated to learn about his death.[1]