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"I mean, come on, Flores, we both know I was never good at taking orders."
AWOL to Flores[src]

The Assassination of Flores was a murder perpetrated by AWOL to take control of the LAPD strike team working for PRIDE, as he had grown dissatisfied of Flores' leadership.


"You question my loyalty?"
"Yes, sir. I do indeed. See, as soon as you saw that little witch and the human glow-stick, you saw your way out."
Flores and AWOL[src]

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"You think this is the answer?"
"I didn't quite like how you was doin' things."
Flores and AWOL[src]

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"Flores is out of the picture. I'm in charge now. And I can handle this without your parents' input."
AWOL to the Runaways[src]

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