"I mean, come on, Flores, we both know I was never good at taking orders."
AWOL to Flores[src]

The Assassination of Flores was a murder perpetrated by AWOL to take control of the LAPD strike team working for PRIDE, as he had grown dissatisfied of Flores' leadership.


"You question my loyalty?"
"Yes, sir. I do indeed. See, as soon as you saw that little witch and the human glow-stick, you saw your way out."
Flores and AWOL[src]

During their years of criminal activities, PRIDE enlisted the assistance of a corrupt LAPD strike team on their payroll, led by Detective Flores to make sure that the law enforcement would never hinder them.[4] Among the members of the strike team was AWOL, a former criminal recruited by Flores, who had notably been tasked with attacking Livvie to intimidate her and make sure she would not reveal the truth behind the death of her brother-in-law Darius Davis.[5]

However, tensions within the strike team between Flores and AWOL arose after the Capture of Molly Hernandez. Indeed, shortly after Molly Hernandez escaped from Flores, AWOL was confronted by the Runaways in the Simply Blossom, and discovered that the teenagers actually had superpowers, something Flores had never told him about. Therefore, AWOL confronted Flores in the Black Box, but since Flores rebuffed his accusations, AWOL decided to turn on Flores. Meeting PRIDE in the PRIDE Headquarters, AWOL revealed that Flores had collected many pieces of evidence against PRIDE over the years and offered to get rid of Flores in exchange of the leadership of the strike team, which PRIDE accepted.[6]


"You think this is the answer?"
"I didn't quite like how you was doin' things."
Flores and AWOL[src]

Luring Flores into an ambush, AWOL called his superior and pretended that he had successfully captured the Runaways and that he was waiting for Flores in the Simply Blossom. AWOL told Flores to meet him in the cool store of the restaurant, where AWOL revealed his betrayal and pointed a gun at Flores. AWOL explained that he had grown wary of Flores' leadership and that he preferred to be his own leader, before shooting on a pipe, thus releasing freezing gas in the room. AWOL then quickly left the cool store and locked the door behind him, ensuring that Flores froze to death.[6]


"Flores is out of the picture. I'm in charge now. And I can handle this without your parents' input."
AWOL to the Runaways[src]

With Flores gone, AWOL was made the new head of the strike team on PRIDE's payroll. Now at the head of the manhunt for the Runaways, AWOL immediately decided to undertake rough actions and kidnapped Livvie, the girlfriend of Alex Wilder. AWOL decided to betray as well, in order to know the location of the Hostel where the Runaways were hiding.[6] This eventually led to the Siege of the Hostel, an intense confrontation between AWOL's strike team and the Runaways which could have resulted in several of the teenagers' death as AWOL was more interested in getting revenge from the Runaways than actually delivering them to their parents.[7]


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