"I was gonna come in here with two bullets, give you a choice. Looks like your bitch wife made hers. Now it's your turn."
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The Assassination of Eliza Schultz was an unplanned murder executed by Frank Castle.


"I know about Konchevsky, and I know about Poloznev and the teenagers in Chicago. I know all about that."
"That's right. So think what we'll do to you if you do not let our only child go. You will die slowly. I will kill everyone who so much as crossed paths with you, Mr. Castle."
Frank Castle and Anderson Schultz[src]
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"This is not okay!"
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The Schultzes negotiating with Frank Castle

Having David Schultz as the hostage, Frank Castle contacted with Anderson and Eliza Schultz. Recording their dialogue, Castle stated that he knows everything about their blood trail and demands to return him Amy Bendix or David will die while Anderson threatens to kill Castle and everyone he ever cared about. Eliza then called John Pilgrim, informing him that David was taken by Castle and he needs to be saved by any costs, hinting that otherwise his children can be hurt.

After his previous encounter with Pilgrim who took Bendix, hostage, Castle returned to the trailer to find it empty because Curtis Hoyle decided to let David go. Castle was called by Pilgrim who needed to take David and Castle said that he must come with Bendix if Pilgrim wants to return him. Bendix noted that Schultzes just using Pilgrim, forcing him to kill innocent people.

Pilgrim with Bendix arrived at the trailer where Castle claimed that David with him and demanded to let Bendix go. She escaped but then Castle confessed that David is gone and he doesn't know where is he. Castle and Pilgrim then had a final showdown and Castle managed to defeat him. Before his death, Pilgrim begged Castle to spare his children after he kills Schultzes. Instead, Castle realized that all he had done was because of his sons and decided to spare Pilgrim. In exchange, Pilgrim informed Castle about Schultzes' current location. While Castle and Bendix went to them, Pilgrim took Michael and Lemuel and drove away.[2]


"Time for you to make a choice. You take that gun. You stick it in your mouth. You blow out the back of your head. Or you live. But you live with the truth."
Punisher to Anderson Schultz[src]
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Having dinner in their mansion, Eliza and Anderson Schultz discussed their current situation with their saved son and John Pilgrim. Despite, Eliza's objections, Anderson insisted that Pilgrim did all that they asked of him. Before she could argue, Amy Bendix went to the dining room, armed with the handgun. While Bendix threatened them, Eliza tried to buy off her and Anderson insisted to pull the gun out of his wife.


Anderson Schultz witnesses his wife's death

Bendix then asked Eliza who it feels, noting that they killed all of her friends. Anderson then lost his temper and stand up, demanding Bendix to let his wife. She pointed the gun at Anderson, while Eliza used her advantage to reach the knife and attack Bendix. However, she was suddenly shot in the head by the Punisher, much to Anderson's horror. While Anderson saw at his wife's body, Castle informed him that he did not intend to kill them by himself.

Castle then showed him the recording of their talk which exposed all Schultzes' crimes and Anderson's personal threats. Bendix and Castle gave Anderson the choice: Bendix would bring the tape and pictures to the New York Bulletin and all of his criminal schemes will be exposed, or he gave his son chance to make all of this right. Castle then handed Anderson his gun and one bullet and said that he needs to kill himself, making it looks like homicide-suicide or he will live with the truth. Castle and Bendix then left the mansion and Anderson decided to chose the latter, shooting himself.[2]


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Amy Bendix prepares to leave New York

"Last chance. We're good together."
"You're a kid. Go act like one. I can't have you on my conscience."
Amy Bendix and Frank Castle[src]

Without Eliza and Anderson Schultz or John Pilgrim trying to let get them killed, Frank Castle decided to let Amy Bendix go on on her own. Taken her to the bus station, Castle sat next to her on a bench and proceeded to talk to Bendix. Remembering some of their previous affairs, Castle expressed saying that he cared about her. Before Bendix could travel to Florida, Castle gave her contact of Curtis Hoyle's friend who owned a diving school. After given some money for the road, Castle noticed the bus that arrived and told Bendix to get on before she misses it. Before she could get on, Castle told Bendix to make sure to experience anything that could change her life only to be interrupted with a hug. Once she was boarded by the bus, Bendix took a moment to glance at Castle only to find him gone and left the station.[2]


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