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"He tortured and killed her. And he will never pay for it. But he has to pay for somebody's death."
―Trish Walker to Jessica Jones[src]

The Assassination of Dorothy Walker was the planned assassination by Gregory Sallinger to get revenge on Jessica Jones.


"By 7:00 p.m. tonight, a life will end because of you. You think "super" means "superior." It doesn't and you're not. I'm going to prove it. Your hero charade will end where it began."
Gregory Sallinger to Jessica Jones[src]

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"She found her mother dead, Malcolm. Drenched in blood, stabbed over and over, and tortured."
Jessica Jones to Malcolm Ducasse[src]

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"Is he dead?"
"No, he's unconscious. But he's losing a lot of blood. The NYPD is on its way. You just blew through two cops out there."
"They didn't see my face. But he did."
Trish Walker and Jessica Jones[src]

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