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"Exactly what happened is still a mystery. We do know that body has been identified as Destiny Gonzalez."
―News Reporter[src]

The Assassination of Destiny Gonzalez was a murder perpetrated by Victor Stein in order to cover the failure of Gonzalez's Rite of Blood due to a Dematerialization Box's malfunction.


"I believe you're ready to go Ultra. Tonight. All of the plans have been made. You just need to come with me."
Leslie Dean to Destiny Gonzalez[src]

Destiny Gonzalez, a young runaway, was picked up and welcomed into the Church of Gibborim. Gonzalez became a devoted member of the church and was very thankful to Leslie Dean for having helped her to get her life back on the right tracks.[4] Thanks to the church, Gonzalez felt ready to act as a mother to the baby girl she had left behind when running away. Therefore, she prepared to leave Los Angeles in order to return home.

However, this decision went against Dean's plans, who had selected Gonzalez to be the next person to be sacrificed in the framework of the Ultra Project. Dean managed to convince Gonzalez to stay a little longer in Los Angeles. PRIDE then accomplished the ritual to sacrifice Gonzalez, despite Victor Stein's earlier difficulties with the Dematerialization Box, and thought that their mission was accomplished.[3]


"You shouldn't be here!"
"Help me!"
Victor Stein and Destiny Gonzalez[src]

Remaining alone in the secret basement of the Wilder Mansion after the sacrifice of Destiny Gonzalez, Victor Stein prepared to pack the Dematerialization Box when he heard a strange noise coming from inside the box. Stein opened the box, and much to his horror, he discovered that Gonzalez was still alive. Although Gonzalez begged him to help her, Stein murdered her.[3]

Stein kept Gonzalez's body inside the Dematerialization Box. He then got rid of the corpse by dropping it into the ocean, hoping that no one would ever discover that the sacrifice had failed.[5]


"Detective Flores says the LAPD believes she has fallen in with a group of teenagers that are persons of interest in the death of Destiny Gonzalez."
WHiH World News Reporter[src]

Since the sacrifice had failed without any member of PRIDE, except Victor Stein, knowing about it, Leslie Dean remained puzzled by the fact that Jonah remained in his decrepit condition. However, the failed sacrifice was eventually discovered when Destiny Gonzalez's body was washed out on the beach[5], forcing PRIDE to look for another person to sacrifice, which would in the end be Andre Compton.[6]

Due to the high level of stress and the brain tumor he was suffering from, Stein experienced hallucinations of a bloody Gonzalez who begged him to help her.[5] Stein later had other hallucinations when he looked for another person to sacrifice, believing to have kidnapped a young girl when actually the van he was driving was empty.

Since the Runaways had attended the sacrifice of Gonzalez, they led their own investigation until they got the confirmation that Gonzalez was dead, meaning that their parents were murderers.[7] This urged the Runaways to further investigate, eventually discovering the full extent of PRIDE's activities.[2] However, the Runaways were eventually framed for the murder, forcing them to flee in order to escape arrest.[8]