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"The good news is, we're not wanted for murder anymore, so..."
"Bad news is, your friend died."
Alex Wilder and Catherine Wilder[src]

The Assassination of Darius Davis was an attack on Darius Davis by Catherine Wilder to take the blame for the death of Destiny Gonzalez in hopes of the Runaways resurfacing.


"We have to frame someone else for the murder. I wish there was another way, but there's not."
"Are we really gonna hurt another innocent person, Catherine? I thought we were past that."
"I didn't say we had to frame an innocent person."
Catherine Wilder and Geoffrey Wilder[src]

In hopes of finding the Runaways after they fought during the Infiltration into the PRIDE Construction Site, Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder contacted LAPD Detective Flores and framed the Runaways for the murder of Destiny Gonzalez.[4] However, the rest of PRIDE did not agree with this plan, and it proved ineffective after Flores brought in kids who only vaguely resembled the Runaways.[5] Seeking to end the search for them, the Wilders had to frame somebody else for the murder.[6]

As Alex Wilder began working for Darius Davis in order to earn money, Davis called Geoffrey in order to offer Alex in return for partial ownership of the PRIDE Construction Site. Geoffrey agreed, and gave Davis partial ownership, as well as a fancy hotel room for him and his wife to enjoy.[7]


"I only gave up Alex because I thought he'd be better with his family."
"You're gonna do one more thing for him."
"Yeah, what's that?"
"Same as you did for his father. Take the rap for his murder charge."
Darius Davis and Catherine Wilder[src]

As Davis arrived in his hotel room at the Gordon Hotel, he texted his wife, telling her to meet him there to enjoy the weekend. He took some of the candy in the room and discovered Catherine Wilder sitting in the bedroom. Wilder explained that her husband did not know that she was there, and that she did not understand why her husband was protecting him from her. She then explained that she would do one last thing for Alex Wilder: taking blame for the death of Destiny Gonzalez. Catherine then took out a gun, shot him, and framed him for Gonzalez's murder.[7] Wilder then went to the lobby where she met with Detective Flores so that she would not get in trouble for the murder.[8]


"I can barely look at you after what you did to Darius. You think our son will?"
Geoffrey Wilder to Catherine Wilder[src]

Wanting to prove Darius Davis' innocence, his sister-in-law, Livvie, provided an alibi for Davis which was proven in a video. As a reaction, Catherine Wilder ordered a hit on Livvie, which was performed by AWOL near a hospital. Alex Wilder gathered the Runaways to help investigate Davis' murder and prove his father's guilt, but ended up discovering the Catherine was guilty instead. This discovery caused a rift in Catherine's relationship with both her husband and son. It also forced Tamar to raise Xerxes Davis alone.[8]

In an attempt to repair her family from the damage she had caused, Catherine eventually confessed her guilt regarding the death of Davis, and was thus sentenced to jail. However, even her imprisonment was not enough for Tamar who still wanted revenge for the death of her husband, and she eventually orchestrated Catherine's own murder.[9]