"In my trunk, you will find a deceased individual. One Wilfredo "Chico" Diaz. I'm sure your homie down at Spurlock's Mortuary can hook you up. So that's off your plate. You're welcome."
Rafael Scarfe to Cottonmouth[src]

The Assassination of Chico Diaz was a successful attempt by Rafael Scarfe to keep Chico Diaz from testifying against Cornell Stokes.


After shootout in Pop's Barber Shop, Chico Diaz was wounded but survived. Misty Knight and Rafael Scarfe visited Diaz in the hospital to question him about his involvement in Dante Chapman's murder. Diaz refused to talk, and Knight encouraged him to give them a call.[4]


Later, Chico Diaz accepted the offer, left hospital and asks Rafael Scarfe for help. Diaz met with him to testify aganist Cottonmouth. Unknowingly, after revealing the identity of Stokes' problems, Scarfe suddenly betrayed and attacked Diaz, suffocating him to death.[4]


After the assassination, Rafael Scarfe delivered Diaz's corpse to Harlem's Paradise. Scarfe arranged a deal with Cottonmouth and relaying to him that his target was Luke Cage. With this information, Cottonmouth used a cannon to fire a missile at Genghis Connie's, believing this to be what kills him.[4][5]


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