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The Assassination of Chantelle Fusilier was a murder carried out by Andre Deschaine after he was able to obtain all the information he needed from her.


While Andre Deschaine contemplated committing suicide after a string of failures in his life, he happened to be within range of a nearby explosion that imbued him with a superhuman ability to instill a sense of despair in others. After learning how to use his new gift to take advantage of his victims, he yearned to upgrade his abilities in order to overcome his weaknesses and to become more powerful.[1]


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After seeing a Voodoo Veve in the Dark Dimension, Deschaine understood that it appeared to be the key to unlocking a new level of power in his abilities. He visited the premises of Damballah Voodoo Tours & Shop in the hopes of finding answers. After speaking to Chantelle Fusilier there, he realized that she had extensive knowledge on the subject and that she appeared to be more aware of his abilities compared to his other victims.

The two continued talking inside a manifestation of Deschaine's abilities taking the form of a record store where the pair came to the conclusion that Deschaine would need to look inside himself to unlock his power. When Deschaine realized he could not obtain any further information from Fusilier, he examined her life in the form of vinyl records, allowing her to listen to a memory of her beloved niece, Evita, while he used his ability to slow her heartbeat and eventually kill her.[2]


Andre Deschaine used the information he had gathered in order to ascend towards becoming a Loa, however, he was eventually defeated by Cloak and Dagger. Evita Fusilier found out what had happened but was able to have a brief conversation with her aunt through a spiritual ceremony.[3]