"Detective Chang just caught a body. An African-American woman, mid-twenties, in front of a bodega."
Mark Bailey to Misty Knight[src]

The Assassination of Candace Miller was a successful attempt by Hernan Alvarez to kill Candace Miller before she could testify against Mariah Dillard.


"How's Candace?"
"Safe and secure at my mom's place."
"Promise. Good."
Misty Knight and Claire Temple[src]

Time later, after lifting the burden of framing Luke Cage for Cottonmouth's murder, Candace Miller confessed to Detective Misty Knight about witnessing the aftermath. She told her that it was his cousin Mariah Dillard whom killed Stokes; she also added that she overheard the conversation between Dillard and Shades attempting to cover the ordeal. When Dillard confronted Miller with money, she was informed to blame Cage for the murder. Soon, Knight asked for Miller to follow her and that she would leave her under the protection of a friend.[1]

Learning of the fight between Cage and Diamondback, Miller spoke to Soledad Temple about Cage. As Claire leaves to meet with Cage and Knight, Candace tried to join her but was told to staying in the apartment and waiting out her time to testify was helping enough.[2]


"Come on, Misty, where are you?"
"Right here."
Candace Miller and Shades[src]

After the fight and arrest of Diamondback and Mariah Dillard, Miller received a text that she believed was from Detective Misty Knight. This motivated her to leave Soledad Temple's Apartment, meeting her at a convenient store

Standing outside as she waited for Knight to approach, Candace was shot from behind by Shades at close-range. Her body collapsed to the ground and pooled blood, while Shades left the scene remaining unseen.[2]


"Candace should have been in protective custody. She should have been here and I should have known about it. Mariah Dillard walked out of here today because of you. Because you didn't trust our system. Because you didn't trust me."
Priscilla Ridley to Misty Knight[src]

At the precinct, Inspector Priscilla Ridley and Detective Misty Knight interrogated Mariah Dillard on her possible involvement in the murder and cover-up of her cousin. Despite gloating onward on putting Dillard in prison, Knight was interrupted by Mark Bailey whom gave her the news that Miller was found dead outside a convenient store.

Becoming heavily passionate and on the verge of tears, Knight slammed into the interrogation room and became irate, screaming at Dillard for killing her. Ridley threatened Knight's position when the altercation gradually appeared physical. Due to this, Dillard was freed to go, while witnessing how Luke Cage was taken to Seagate Prison.[2]


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