The Assassination of Billy Johnson was the accidental killing of Billy Johnson by police officer James Connors due to racial prejudice, that was later covered as an accident.


Tyrone Johnson, in an attempt to impress his brother Billy Johnson, stole a stereo from a car. Billy disproved and Tyrone revealed that he felt scared. Billy reassured him, telling him that they would return the radio immediately. Before they could, the brothers were spotted by James Connors and Bradford, two police officers on patrol. Knowing that they could be arrested for the possession of the stereo, Billy and Tyrone fled. Conners and another officer pursued them down to the docks.[3]


Reaching the docks, Billy Johnson told Tyrone Johnson to hide. With his pistol drawn, James Connors ordered Billy to freeze, and demanded to know the location of Tyrone. Billy insisted that Tyrone was innocent. Tryone inadvertently knocked over a piece of metal, causing Connors to turn around.

Suddenly, Connors was startled by a large explosion from the Roxxon Gulf Platform across from the docks, causing him to reflexively pull the trigger on his pistol and shoot Billy. Billy collapsed into the water, causing Tryone, still wearing an oversized black hoodie, to emerge from his hiding place and dive into the water to rescue Billy. However Billy was already dead and Tryone found himself trapped and drowning. He was then hit by a wave of Darkforce energy, and saw a hand reaching out towards him. He grasped it and then lost consciousness.[3]


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