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"Arturo Rey is dead. He was found in his furniture store a few minutes ago. Bullet to head."
Tom Ridenhour[src]

The Assassination of Arturo Rey III was an attempt by Shades and Comanche to get the money that Mariah Dillard made a deal with Arturo Rey III.


"Comanche and I are gonna get every dime of Arturo's money. And this weight is not yours to carry alone, baby."
Shades to Mariah Dillard[src]

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"Why would we set you up? You're our customer."
"Not anymore, I'm not."
"What? We had a deal. You said you got a judge."
"I'll give you your money, when I get off free and clear. Or I'll go back to that one-armed detective and tell her what I know. She's got a hard-on for that old bitch of yours."
Shades and Arturo Rey III[src]

Shades standing over Arturo Rey III's corpse

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"I'll handle Comanche. But Che's right. We still have two buyers."
"Who? Cockroach and Nigel? The first is too impulsive. The latter too ambitious. Neither one is a good option."
"I messed up. I admit it. But I couldn't let Arturo snitch, or do anything to bring you down. I'm gonna get our money to Piranha on time."
Shades and Mariah Dillard[src]

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