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"Tony Stark has created the ultimate weapon: a masterpiece of death. A man with a dozen of these could rule all of Asia."

Asia is one of the seven continents on Earth.


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The Arrival of the Eternals

The Eternals arrive in their ship

In 5000 B.C., a group of extraterrestrial beings called the Eternals arrived on Earth in their ship, the Domo, and landed in Babylon, Mesopotamia. Upon their arrival, they protected a group of humans native to Babylon from a pack of Deviants.[1]

Reign of Genghis Khan

"The bow and arrow, once was the pinnacle of weapons technology. It allowed the great Genghis Khan to rule from the Pacific, to the Ukraine. An empire twice the size of Alexander the Great, and four times the size of the Roman Empire."
Raza to Tony Stark[src]

During the 13th Century, Genghis Khan conquered Asia from the Ukraine to the eastern shores of North Korea with a bow and arrow as his troops' primary weapon.[2]

Formation of the Ten Rings

Xu Wenwu and the Ten Rings rule over Asia

Centuries ago, Xu Wenwu, a native of China, acquired a set of mythical rings and formed an army known as the Ten Rings. With this newfound power, he became a powerful warlord and conquered neighboring lands. He also established a base, the Ten Rings Headquarters, for his army in the mountains.[3]

Kingo's Place of Residence

In 1521, Kingo, an Eternal, travelled to India and took up residence in Pataliputra.[1]

Massacre in Hunan

"Years ago, a village in the Hunan Province in China. It was destroyed. Every man, woman, and child torn apart by monsters trying to find that baby."
Raina to Grant Ward[src]

In China, an infant was classified as an 0-8-4 by S.H.I.E.L.D., who sent agents to investigate. Richard Lumley and his team found the child in the arms of a dead agent.[4]

Raina's Youth

"Don't beg. It reminds me of what you were when I found you: hungry, in the streets with just the fairy tales your grandmother told you."
Calvin Zabo to Raina[src]

Raina lived on the streets of Thailand as a con artist and beggar with a group of friends who called themselves "freaks." They met Calvin Zabo who took them in and taught them their self worth.[5]

Rescue in Bahrain

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Shang-Chi's Childhood

Shang-Chi spending time with his mother

In 1996, Xu Wenwu married Ying Li, a woman from another universe, and had two children, Xu Shang-Chi and Xu Xialing. During this time, he stopped using the rings. Li gave Shang-Chi and Xialing green pendants and told them to keep it on their person.[3]

Attack on Ying Li

The Iron Gang arrive at the Ten Rings Headquarters

One night, Ying Li was teaching Shang-Chi how she fought when they were interrupted by the arrival of the Iron Gang, a group of men who were there to settle a conflict with Xu Wenwu. However, since Wenwu wasn't there, they confronted Li, who told Shang-Chi to go inside. Li tried to fight them, but was overpowered and killed.[3]

Massacre of the Iron Gang

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Training of Shang-Chi

Shang-Chi training to become an assassin

Xu Wenwu ordered one of his expert fighters, Death Dealer, to train Shang-Chi to be an assassin and skilled martial arts fighter. Since only men were allowed to fight, Xu Xialing learned how to fight on her own. When Shang-Chi was five years old, a gang called Iron Gang arrived at the base and killed Ying Li. This prompted Wenwu to use the rings again and brought Shang-Chi with him to kill the Gang's members. When Shang-Chi was a teenager, Wenwu instructed him to kill the Gang's leader, and Shang-Chi took this opportunity to escape the base and leave China.[3]

Kidnapping of Tony Stark

"I'm sure they're looking for you, Stark. But they will never find you in these mountains."
Ho Yinsen to Tony Stark[src]

Tony Stark presenting the Jericho missile

In 2009, Tony Stark traveled to Afghanistan on a business trip in order to host a demonstration of the Jericho missile for the United States Armed Forces. Stark arrived at Bagram Air Base, traveling in his private jet with his friend James Rhodes, where he was greeted by General William Gabriel and prepared to leave for the site of the demonstration. Giving a speech about the importance of weapons to maintain world peace, Stark unleashed a Jericho over a mountain range, impressing the officers and celebrating the success of the missile.

The Humvee explosion in Kunar, Afghanistan

A Humvee convoy was deployed to escort Stark and the other attendees to the demonstration. Stark refused to travel in the same Humvee as Rhodes, and while chatting with the airmen assigned to escort him, the convoy was attacked by members of the Ten Rings. The soldiers were killed and while trying to flee, Stark was affected by the explosion of one of his own weapons, causing a large amount of shrapnel to penetrate his Bulletproof Vest and injure him.

Tony Stark is held hostage by the Ten Rings

While unconscious for the effect of the injuries, he was kidnapped by the Ten Rings and taken to one of the Ten Rings Bases in Afghanistan, in order to film a video to their then unrevealed employer.[2] Upon his arrival to the base, Stark had to be operated by another prisoner, Ho Yinsen, who tried to remove the shrapnel that penetrated Stark's chest. Being unable to remove all the pieces, Yinsen had to insert an electromagnet powered by a car battery to keep the shrapnel from reaching Stark's heart and killing him. When Stark recovered consciousness, Yinsen explained his current condition, and acted as his translator and for their mutual kidnappers. Abu Bakaar, one of the Ten Rings members in charge of the base, instructed him to make a Jericho missile for them, and after being tortured and shown a vast arsenal of weapons developed by Stark Industries, he seemingly accepted.

However, Yinsen convinced Stark to make a difference in what could possibly be the last days of his life, so instead of making a missile, Stark and Yinsen developed a miniature Arc Reactor so Stark to increase Stark's chances of surviving the shrapnel injury, and they secretly started working on an armor powered by the reactor that will help them escape.

Tony Stark and Ho Yinsen begin working together

After working on the armor for three months, Stark and Yinsen formed a strong bond between one another. Raza, one of the leaders of the Ten Rings, unhappy with Stark's progresses, threatened to kill Yinsen and gave them an ultimatum, one more day to assemble the missile. Stark and Yinsen finished assembling the armor, and Yinsen tried to distract the terrorists so Stark could charge the suit. Stark made his way through the base using the armor and killing the terrorists, only to find Yinsen critically injured, imploring him not to waste his life with his dying breath.

Tony Stark's crash landing

Stark destroyed all the stolen weapons in the base and flew out of the area briefly using the armor's flight capabilities. He crash landed in a deserted area, and wandered until one of the search and rescue units commanded by Rhodes found him and moved him back home. However, Raza, disfigured during Stark's escape, and other members of the Ten Rings combed the desert in order to find the pieces of Stark's armor in order to assemble it again in one of their camps.

Iron Man in Gulmira, Afghanistan

Stark donned his newest armor and traveled to Afghanistan in order to defeat the terrorists. Stark attacked the terrorists in Gulmira without harming the human shields and civilians that had been taken as hostages, leaving his former captor Abu Bakaar to the "mercies" of the residents of Gulmira. Stark located more arsenals containing fully-armed Jericho missiles and destroyed them.[2]

Phil Coulson and Nick Fury, during their investigation surrounding the events of the Kidnapping of Tony Stark, immediately traveled to Gulmira to analyze Stark's role during his attack to the Ten Rings. They found footage recorded by the terrorists and intended to frighten civilians. The footage showed Stark in his armor defeating the terrorists.[6] The following day, James Rhodes denied the involvement of the U.S. government in what he called an "unexpected turn of events" in Gulmira.

Obadiah Stane meets with Raza, a Ten Rings' leader

Obadiah Stane traveled to Afghanistan in order to recover Stark's armor prototype accompanied by a group of mercenaries. Stane reunited with Raza, who offered the armor in exchange for an army of "iron soldiers". However, Stane paralyzed him using a Sonic Taser while his mercenaries disarmed the terrorists. After exiting the area, Stane ordered the mercenaries to kill the terrorists to avoid having any witnesses of his actions.[2]


Stark-Fujikawa, a subsidiary of Stark Industries, is located in Tokyo, Japan.[7]

Arrest of Khalid Khandil

"Is this Bakhmala? The Khalid Khandil mission, that was you."
Natasha Romanoff to Sam Wilson[src]

Sam Wilson and his para-rescue unit were tasked with apprehending Khalid Khandil, a notable target in Bakhmala, Afghanistan. Khandil hid himself in an area protected by soldiers using RPGs, preventing the United States Armed Forces from sending helicopters to the area. Wilson and his wingman, Riley, infiltrated the area using two sets of EXO-7 Falcon mechanical wing harnesses, allowing them highly-maneuvered flight. Wilson and Riley performed the mission in a way they performed similar operations, but Riley got hit by one of the RPGs, and Wilson could do nothing to help him. Wilson continued his mission and apprehended Khandil.[8]

Recruiting Bruce Banner

Natasha Romanoff and Bruce Banner in India

In 2012, Natasha Romanoff travelled to India and recruited Bruce Banner to join the team, as he was the foremost expert on Gamma Radiation.[9]

Battle of Hong Kong

James Rhodes was in Hong Kong, China fighting a Ten Rings terrorist cell when he received a call from Tony Stark requesting his assistance.[10]

Mandarin Investigation

James Rhodes is ambushed in Pakistan

Later that year, James Rhodes went to a sweat shop in Pakistan looking for the Mandarin and got ambushed by an Extremis-enhanced woman.[11]

Wilson Fisk's Trips

Wilson Fisk spent time in Asia, where he learned fluent Chinese and Japanese.[12]

Tony Stark's Surgery

Tony Stark in surgery in China

Tony Stark traveled to China to have surgery, in order to finally remove the shrapnel that penetrated his chest. He contacted Doctor Wu, whom he met during a science conference in 1999. Doctor Wu and his assistant Wu Jiaqi operated on Stark, with Stark's closest friends Pepper Potts and James Rhodes accompanying him during the process. The surgery was a success, and eliminated the need for the use of the Arc Reactor in Stark's chest.[11]

Centipede Serum

Kidnapping of Chan Ho Yin

Chan Ho Yin performing

In 2013, street magician Chan Ho Yin was performing one of his shows in the streets of Hong Kong, China. Having few economic rewards for his tricks, Chan decided to use his real pyrokinetic powers to impress the audience, scaring two teenagers, but satisfying one of his spectators, Raina. Raina approached Chan, asking about his fire tricks, but he told her that a magician should never reveal his secrets. Raina flirted with him, using one of his quotes in the show to impress him, and Chan invited him to his house. Chan spoke about how he idolized magicians like Harry Houdini for many years, until realizing that what they did was not real magic, and Raina convinced him of showing his powers, with Chan producing a small flame in the palm of his hand, something he had been able to do for some years. Raina wondered why Chan did not show his gift to the world, something Chan had wondered himself, but there were people that did not want his gift to be revealed, although he thought he obtained his powers for a reason. Flirting with Chan for the last time, Raina asked him to close his eyes, and two men in fireproof suits appeared and managed to knock him out.[13]

Index Case Agents

S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Quan Chen, Index case agent of Chan Ho Yin, tried to make his regular contact with Chan but he was unable to locate him. As Chan had violated his Index agreement before, Quan investigated further, and realized this time he had been kidnapped by professionals, as evidenced by a scrap of fireproof tissue.

Quan informed fellow agent Phil Coulson and his team of the situation to enlist their help, and informed them of the details of the kidnapping and the reason why the perpetrators knew about Chan's powers, one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s data streams had been hacked by the Rising Tide.[13]

Birth of Scorch

Raina greeted Chan Ho Yin and apologized for taking him by force. At first, Chan thought Raina was part of S.H.I.E.L.D. and lectured her about not needing to read the power protocols for a simple street performance. However, Raina revealed that she did not work for S.H.I.E.L.D., but for another organization that intended to help him increase and control his gift.

Raina tried to convince Chan telling him he would obtain the fame that he craved, even suggesting to take a more powerful codename, Scorch, paralleling his potential fame with that of Captain America. Chan, whose goal was just to be recognized for his power, agreed with Raina's proposal and accompanied her to a laboratory in Hong Kong.[13]

Centipede Project

The Centipede Project warehouse in Hong Kong

Chan Ho Yin was taken to a laboratory in Hong Kong, in order to test his powers, being injected with the Centipede Serum to test the effects in an individual with powers of his own after being able to grant powers to average test subjects.

The serum increased Chan's natural powers without suffering the side effects derived from Extremis, and Chan thanked Raina for the opportunity to use his powers that S.H.I.E.L.D. denied him, not knowing her real intentions yet.

Raina and Debbie, one of the Centipede Project's researchers, discussed the effects the serum had on Chan, discovering that the platelets in his blood prevented him from being burnt with his own powers, and were able to neutralize the combustion of the Extremis element of the serum, so Debbie ordered to extract all his platelets.

Chan woke up tied to a machine, having been drained of his fire-resistant platelets, and thanked for participating in the Centipede Project. As Chan tried to attack Debbie, he suffered burnings in his hands, realizing that he was not resistant to fire anymore. Chan asked Raina why she did that, as she said he had a gift, but she replied that now he was sharing it.[13]

Rescue Mission

S.H.I.E.L.D. discovered the location of the Centipede Project laboratory in Hong Kong tracing the accounts used to pay Miles Lydon, and Phil Coulson coordinated Quan Chen's men to rescue Chan Ho Yin.

Coulson ordered two teams to secure the lower floors, while he accessed the top floor with Quan and Melinda May through the roof. May tracked Chan's heat signature and accessed the laboratory, where they found a tied and heavily burnt Chan. Quan liberated Chan, but Chan killed him tired of being controlled by S.H.I.E.L.D., and injected himself another dose of the Centipede Serum to increase his powers.

Coulson and May tried to reason with Chan, but he had enough of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s protocols to hide his gift, and continued to attack them. Coulson tried to render him unconscious using the Night-Night Gun, but he shielded himself with fire.

Debbie received a call from her superiors, and informed them that, though S.H.I.E.L.D. had infiltrated the building, the situation was under control. Raina asked Debbie why she did not tell them all the truth about S.H.I.E.L.D. and Chan's current status.

Grant Ward and Skye infiltrated the building so Skye could hack the security system and open the doors that were automatically closed, something she did almost immediately, extracting some files from the building's mainframe in the process. As the doors were opened and Chan had escaped, Coulson ordered Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons to uncuff Miles Lydon, so that he could remotely control the building's computers.

Death of Debbie

Chan confronted Debbie and Raina, but Raina managed to escape closing the door of the elevator and leaving Debbie behind. Debbie tried to convince Chan that she could fix him and give him more power, but Chan angrily attacked her and burnt her alive.

Coulson confronted Chan for the last time, distracting him while May injected him with a large dose of the Centipede Serum to make him explode. Lydon remotely controlled the ventilation systems to direct the blast to the roof.

Following the mission, Miles Lydon was left behind in Hong Kong, with the money he obtained for hacking S.H.I.E.L.D. being donated to Quan Chen's family, and being outfitted with a Tracking Bracelet that wouldn't allow him to access electronic devices.[13]

Overkill Device

S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents Grant Ward and Leo Fitz went to South Ossetia to destroy the Overkill Device. Phil Coulson suggested stationing a team in Armenia as backup during Leo Fitz and Grant Ward's mission to disable the Overkill Device in South Ossetia. Victoria Hand, agent in charge of the mission, had already envisioned that situation, noting that she and Coulson had a similar way of thinking with the known proverb "Great minds think alike".[14]

Asian Safehouses

When discussing safe houses, Antoine Triplett and John Garrett recalled one in Thailand without mattresses.[15]

Chase of Black Sky

In Japan, Stick killed Aito after Stick learned that Black Sky was taken to New York City.[16]

Ultron Offensive

Battle of Seoul

Ultron in Seoul, South Korea

In 2015, attempting to keep Ultron from gaining a new body using the Regeneration Cradle, a creation of Helen Cho's, Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, and Natasha Romanoff went to Seoul and fought against Ultron. While there, Rogers was met by Wanda Maximoff and her brother who allied with them. Though Rogers and Barton were successful in retrieving the new body from the Cradle and escaped in the Quinjet, Romanoff was captured by Ultron.[17]

New Master of the Mystic Arts

Training of Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange learns at Kamar-Taj

In 2016, seeking to cure the paralysis of his hands, Stephen Strange, on the suggestion of Jonathan Pangborn, went to Nepal to Kamar-Taj and learned from the Ancient One of the existence of the Multiverse.[18]

Battle at Hong Kong Sanctum

One of the three Sanctums is located in Hong Kong, China and in 2017, Strange arrived to protect it from forces of the Dark Dimension.[18]

Avengers Civil War

Battle at the HYDRA Siberian Facility

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers fight in Siberia

In the early summer of 2016, Helmut Zemo went to the HYDRA Siberian Facility in Siberia and killed the remaining Winter Soldiers. He was then met by Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, and Tony Stark. After showing Stark footage of his parents' death, Stark attacked Barnes. However, Rogers attempted to defend Barnes. Rogers and Barnes tag teamed and fought against Stark, until Rogers used his Captain America's Shield to power off Stark's armor. As Rogers was leaving, Stark told him that his father made the shield, causing Rogers to leave it behind. Unbeknownst to them, T'Challa had followed them and stopped Zemo from committing suicide, bringing him into custody.[19]

Erik Killmonger’s Campaign

Arrest of Ulysses Klaue

T'Challa in Busan, South Korea

A week later, T'Challa, Nakia, and Okoye travelled to Busan, South Korea to arrest Ulysses Klaue. In the Jagalchi Market Casino, T'Challa reunited with CIA agent Everett Ross, who was the buyer that Klaue would come for. After Klaue arrived in the casino and spotted T'Challa, he fled, with T'Challa and the others chasing after him throughout the streets of the city. After a chase, Klaue's van crashed and T'Challa threatened to kill him, but Ross arrived and Klaue was taken into custody. Klaue was taken to the CIA South Korean Black Site, but was rescued by Erik Killmonger and his crew. In the ensuing chaos, Ross was shot after shielding Nakia from a bullet.[20]

Wedding in India

Tony Stark at an Indian wedding

In September 2016, Tony Stark travelled to India and attended a wedding there.[21]


To be added[22]

Ronin’s War

Attack in Tokyo

Ronin is discovered by Natasha Romanoff

"てめえなぜこんなことをする? 俺たちはてめえに何もしてねえだろ!"[23]
Akihiko and Ronin[src]

In the fall of 2023, Clint Barton, in Ronin attire, travelled to Tokyo, Japan in pursuit of the Yakuza faction. Barton made his way through the faction, slaughtering them, and confronted the leader of the Yakuza named Akihiko. Akihiko questioned Barton on his actions, which he informed him that it was the fact they survived the Snap. Barton cut Akihiko's throat and ignored his cries for mercy, killing him. After he cleaned off his sword, he found Natasha Romanoff behind him, who had travelled there to tell Barton of the Time Heist.[25]



As a result of the Blip, life in Asia was restored. Immediately after, Wong recruited Masters of the Mystic Arts from Kamar-Taj and Hong Kong to join an ongoing battle and they opened Inter-Dimensional Portals to the location.[25]

Eternals' Mission

Reuniting with Kingo

Kingo performing in Mumbai, India

Kingo moved to Mumbai, India, where he became a Bollywood movie star, gained his own cameraman named Karun Patel, and bought his own plane. Following the Blip, Kingo was visited by Sersi, Sprite, and Ikaris who recruited him to join them in finding the other Eternals. Kingo agreed to help them and took them to his plane.[1]

The Retrieval of the Domo

The Eternals retrieve the Domo in Iraq

The Eternals, now joined by Thena, Gilgamesh, Druig and Phastos, went to Babylon, Iraq in order to retrieve the Domo. When it resurfaced, they found Makkari inside and discussed together their plans to stop the Emergence.[1]

Shang-Chi’s Return

Golden Daggers Club

The Golden Daggers Club in Macau, China

In the early spring of 2024, Wong and Abomination participated in the cage fighting tournament at the Golden Daggers Club in Macau, China. As they were fighting, Shang-Chi and Katy Chen arrived and were escorted by Jon Jon through the club. Following Wong's win, Shang-Chi was chosen to be in the tournament and found himself fighting against Xu Xialing, his sister. Afterwards, Shang-Chi learned that his sister owned the Club and began to tell her about the pendant when Ten Rings agents arrived, forcing them to flee. However, the three were soon caught by Shang-Chi and Xialing's father, Xu Wenwu.[3]

Meeting at the Ten Rings Headquarters

Shang-Chi returns to the Ten Rings Headquarters

Shang-Chi, Xu Xialing, and Katy Chen were transported via helicopter to the Ten Rings Headquarters and were given dinner by Xu Wenwu, who was pleased to have Shang-Chi back. After the dinner, Wenwu told them that he had been hearing his deceased wife speaking to him and placed the pendants on the dragon statue revealing to them a hidden world in which he believed the voice was coming from. After Shang-Chi and Xialing refused to follow Wenwu's orders, he put them, as well as Chen, in his prison. There Shang-Chi and Chen found Trevor Slattery and a mystical creature called Morris. Xialing then broke them out and led them through a secret passageway to the garage where they stole a car and escaped.[3]

The Ten Rings

Studying the Rings

Wong in Kamar-Taj

Later, Wong brought Shang-Chi and Katy Chen to Kamar-Taj to discuss the rings with them. He spoke to Carol Danvers and Bruce Banner via holographic call and told Shang-Chi that when he used the rings they sent a signal to an unknown location. He told them that he was trying to find where that was and vowed to keep researching to find out.[3]

Flag Smashers Campaign

Trip to Madripoor

Bucky Barnes, Helmut Zemo, and Sam Wilson in Madripoor

In the spring of 2024, Helmut Zemo, Sam Wilson, and Bucky Barnes went to Madripoor to learn more about the Super Soldier Serum and its connections to the Flag Smashers. After being attacked by bounty hunters, they were saved by Sharon Carter, who revealed that she had fled to Madripoor and made a new life there for herself. Carter then aided the three in finding Wilfred Nagel at his laboratory. After another attack by bounty hunters, Zemo, Wilson, and Barnes escaped and left Madripoor.[26] Carter remained in Madripoor and aided Wilson from her apartment.[27] She also made connections before leaving Madripoor herself.[28]

Sorcerer Supreme Duties

In November 2024, Wong traveled back and forth to Kamar-Taj from New York via Inter-Dimensional Portals as his duties as the new Sorcerer Supreme.[29]

Darkhold Campaign

Attack on Kamar-Taj

To be added[30]

Destruction of the Darkhold

To be added[30]

Rebuilding Kamar-Taj

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