"Mr. Scarborough sends his regards."
―Ashlie to Tandy Bowen[src]

Ashlie is a hitwoman working for the Roxxon Corporation. She notably murdered the lawyer Greg Pressfield because of his investigation on the company's involvement in the Destruction of the Roxxon Gulf Platform and later came after Dagger, threatening her mother Melissa Bowen.


Assassination of Greg Pressfield

"You had him killed by your water bottle girl."
Dagger to Peter Scarborough[src]

Ashlie was assigned by Peter Scarborough to kill Greg Pressfield because Pressfield was helping with Melissa and Tandy Bowen on a case against Roxxon Corporation. Ashlie got to Pressfield by posing as a water bottle girl and while Pressfield was distracted she shot him in the head, killing him afterwards she got her water jug filled with gasoline, poured in the room to set it on fire, trying to make it look like an accident and left. However, Tandy witnessed her kill Pressfield and hid by a car so she would not see her.[1]

Attack on Melissa Bowen

"I'm gonna kill Mommy in three seconds unless you come out. You know I'm not one to bluff."
―Ashlie to Tandy Bowen[src]

In response to the Kidnapping of Peter Scarborough by Dagger, Ashlie was sent to the Bowen Residence against Tandy Bowen and her mother Melissa. As Tandy arrived home, Ashlie claimed that Peter Scarborough sent his regards and opened fire, forcing Tandy to hide. Ashlie held Melissa at gunpoint, threatening to shoot her unless Tandy gave herself up.[2] However, Ashlie was stabbed by Melissa with a knife, giving Tandy the opportunity to attack. Ashlie was then stabbed by Dagger's Lightforce dagger, forcing her to retreat.[3]

Attacked by Terrors

Ashlie kept hunting down Tandy Bowen to eliminate the threat she posed to Roxxon Corporation. She found Bowen along with Mina Hess and immediately shot at them with her weapon, but they managed to hide behind a car. Before Ashlie could approach, she was attacked by Terrors, who had begun to invade New Orleans. Nevertheless, Ashlie managed to hold them off and to avoid contact with them, and thus was not turned into a Terror herself. She then returned to the Roxxon Gulf Building, where she found Peter Scarborough in a comatose state due to a previous encounter with Bowen, who had manipulated his hopes.[3]





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