"Are you crazy? The hospital will fire you if they find out you stole a confidential–"
"I didn't steal. I copied."
"It'll be our secret, along with that performance."
"This is a HIPAA violation. You could be sued or arrested."
"I did it for our daughter."
"Where's the rest of it?"
"Well, that's all I could find."
"I'm married to a criminal."
―Ash, Kyle and Trish Walker[src]

Ash is the husband of Kyle and father of Lillibet.


"That was amazing, Patsy!"
"Yeah. Our daughter will never forget it. She's a huge fan. Kyle plays her the entire DVD box set, including the Christmas specials."
Kyle and Ash[src]

Ash's husband, Kyle, arranged for Trish Walker to perform as "Patsy" at their daughter's birthday part in exchange for copying files from Metro-General Hospital concerning IGH. Ash was worried that Kyle's actions would endanger his job at the hospital.[1]






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