The Asgardian Theater was a stage play in Asgard.


While Thor was away exploring the Nine Realms, Loki, disguised as Odin, arranged for a play to be created in his honor. The play was given on several occasions in the Asgardian Theater.

At the end of one of these representations, Thor arrived without Loki being informed by Skurge about his brother's return. Maitaining his Odin's disguise, Loki explained the origins of the play to Thor, but Thor, who actually knew thanks to his confrontation with Surtur that he was talking with an impostor, revealed how the Nine Realms were facing great agitation and seized Loki, threatening to strike him with Mjølnir. Therefore, Loki revealed his trickery and recovered his real appearance, and Thor immediately left the Asgardian Theater with him in order to find the real Odin on Midgard.[1]

The Asgardian Theater was destroyed along with the rest of Asgard by Surtur during Ragnarok.


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