The Asgardian Catacombs was a burial tomb for the fallen Berserker soldiers and Fenris, which was hidden underneath Odin's Vault.


The catacombs was used as a burial chamber for the Berserkers and Fenris who died during battle. When Hela returned to Asgard in the wake of Odin's death, she and her recently appointed right-hand man, Skurge, snuck into Odin's Vault. After exploring all of Odin's ancient artifacts that he had procured, Hela then conjured a Bloodaxe to smash through the floor, revealing the secret tomb. To impress Skurge, Hela used the Eternal Flame to resurrect all of the dead Einherjar soldiers who served her during the expansion of Asgard's empire, as well as Fenris.[1]


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