"Aryan Brotherhood. They're not my kind of brothers."
Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

The Aryan Brotherhood is a white supremacist criminal organization operating in the United States of America.


War in Hell's Kitchen

"On the 22nd, Dutton's lieutenant mentioned... a deal with the Aryans to move product in the Dogs' territory. A hostile takeover."
Wilson Fisk[src]

The Aryans were involved in constant gang wars that took place in Hell's Kitchen in New York City. Not long after the imprisonment of Wilson Fisk in Ryker's Island, a gang led by Dutton, a rival crime lord who was also an inmate at Ryker's, made a deal with the Aryans so they could sell their drugs in the territory held by a rival gang called the Dogs of Hell.[1]

Targeted by the Ghost Rider

"The Chinatown Crew. They set the job up and were willing to pay big."
"Lies. Aryan Brotherhood working with the Chinese?"
"I swear!"
T. Mitchell and Robbie Reyes[src]

Ghost Rider kills one of the Aryan members

Members of the Aryan Brotherhood operating in Los Angeles were hired by the Chinatown Crew to steal a box from the Momentum Labs facility in Pasadena. Despite their racist ideology, the Brotherhood agreed to work for the Chinese in exchange for a lot of money. They stole the box and loaded it onto a large truck which they parked in a warehouse, leaving it there.

However, the vigilante Ghost Rider started chasing them to punish them for their crimes and eventually caught up with them. At the same time they were attacked by another vigilante, former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Daisy Johnson, now known as Quake, who was tracing the sale of a weapon to another hate group, the Watchdogs, who also hired the Aryan Brotherhood.

Though one gang member fired a rocket at the Rider's car, the Hell Charger, the vehicle flipped in the air, landing on its wheels undamaged. Ghost Rider killed two of the gang members immediately, the one whose soul was already burned by the Rider was left on the scene, and the last one was brought by the Rider to his hideout. He was later killed by the Rider after he told him everything useful.[2]

Robert's Disappearance

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Attack on John Pilgrim

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