"At table two, you have Arturo Rey III. The discount furniture king of Washington Heights. He smuggles coke and smack in his couches. He pushed the Colon brothers out the coke biz once Domingo died."
Shades to Mariah Dillard[src]

Arturo Rey III, born Arturo Gomez III, was a drug-dealer from Washington Heights and potential buyer of Mariah Dillard's assets. He managed to attack Luke Cage using Judas Bullets but was defeated and arrested. After he was released from the precinct with Benjamin Donovan's help, Rey was killed by Shades.


Early Criminal Career

Arturo Rey was born in Dominican family as Arturo Gomez III. In his youth, he was a member of the Diablos and was a stick-up kid and hustler. The Diablos expanded into Harlem from Washington Heights but were then taken out by the Yardies. Reinventing himself, Rey founded Merlin Discount Furniture and became the discount furniture king of Washington Heights. He used his couches to smuggle cocaine and heroin and pushed the Colon Crime Family out of the cocaine business after Domingo Colon was killed. Despite this, heroin was still the major source of his income.[3]

Deal with Mariah Dillard

"My millions are already legit. I've got a product. Your guns represent further profit and protection, and a fortified wall between Washington Heights and Harlem."
―Arturo Rey to Mariah Dillard[src]

Rey III waiting to meet with Mariah Dillard

When Mariah Dillard decided to get out of the crime business and turn legitimate, she decided to sell her weapons to raise capital. Arturo Rey was one of three potential buyers, including Nigel Garrison and Dontrell Hamilton. They all attended Harlem's Paradise one night, where Dillard heard their pitches to buy the weapons. Rey's offer hinged on his money being legitimate, and that having the weapons under his control would represent protection for Harlem.


Rey III attempts to buy Mariah Dillard's guns

Dillard agreed to deal with Rey since selling the guns to him would keep Harlem safe. With the deal all but agreed, Dillard gave Rey a Hammer Industries Assault Rifle upfront and Judas Bullet.[3]

Unsuccessful Ambush

"Arturo Rey III is all yours. His car's parked outside. El Tercero, my ass. This is a part of a Judas Bullet and a Judas gun. That's automatic federal time, right?"
"Hell, yeah."
"Might be enough to get Arturo to talk."
"Or give up two other folks down at Harlem's Paradise I am dying to holler at."
Luke Cage and Misty Knight[src]

Since Luke Cage was going after his heroin business, Rey arranged for Sugar to slip information to Cage regarding a shipment at the docks. When Cage arrived and entered a Merlin Discount Furniture truck, Rey blew the vehicle up. Cage survived the explosion, prompting Rey to shoot him with a Judas Bullet. To both Rey and Cage's surprise, the Judas Bullet had no effect. Cage knocked Rey out and took him to the 29th Precinct Police Station, leaving him in the care of Misty Knight and Tom Ridenhour.[3]

Arrest and Release

"Your client got caught with a–"
"Caught by whom? Luke Cage? A known vigilante."
"It was a citizen's arrest."
"After assaulting and apprehending my client, did Mr. Cage bother to read him his rights?"
"No matter what, we got him on a Judas Bullet charge."
"Regardless, my client has made bail. He walks right now. See you in court. If it even goes that far."
Misty Knight and Benjamin Donovan[src]

Rey was contained in the interrogation room and requested the lawyer to represent him. Then instead of Mark Bailey and Nandi Tyler, Rey was visited by Knight. Rey mockingly greeted her, referring to Knight's missing right arm. Knight ironically laughed before informing Rey that he was caught with possession of Judas Bullet and Hammer Industries Assault Rifle what means automatical federal custody. She offered Rey to make a statement against Mariah Dillard who obviously was his contact but police needed evidence.

However, before Rey could say something, he was interrupted by Benjamin Donovan hired by Dillard to make Rey free. Donovan demanded that Rey is allowed to go free, which Knight refused as she noted how he had been caught with a Judas Bullet, which was illegal. Donovan successfully argued that Luke Cage was still a vigilante whose involvement in the case actually held no legal strength. Donovan also noted that Rey =had been granted his bail by Dillard and was, therefore, able to walk free immediately, much to their considerable satisfaction. Realized that she unable to make any arguments that would keep Rey in her custody, Knight uncuffed him and he with Donovan left the 29th Precinct Police Station.[4]


"Why would we set you up? You're our customer."
"Not anymore, I'm not."
"What? We had a deal. You said you got a judge."
"I'll give you your money when I get off free and clear. Or I'll go back to that one-armed detective and tell her what I know. She's got a hard-on for that old bitch of yours."
Shades and Arturo Rey III[src]

Upon returning to his furniture store, Rey was visited by Shades and Comanche who came to collect the money which was owed to Mariah Dillard from Rey. They told Rey that it was due to Donovan that he was allowed to get free in the first place, however, Rey argued that it was due to the Hammer Industries Assault Rifle and the Judas Bullet which Shades had already sold him which had actually failed to successfully kill Luke Cage that was why he had been taken back into custody in the first place.

Arturo Rey III (Deceased)

Rey is shot in the head and killed by Shades

As Rey III insisted that he would no longer be doing any business with the Stokes Crime Family in the wake of the current situation, he began threatening to then go up to Misty Knight with evidence against Dillard which would put her in risk of being sent to prison, which greatly angered Shades who stood up against Rey. While Rey's henchmen attempted to show their strength against him, Shades initially attempted to laugh at his insults, until he began insulting Dillard personally which had greatly annoyed Shades. As Rey began insulting Dillard in Spanish, Shades lost his temper and shot Rey directly in the forehead, forcing Comanche to kill his henchmen.[4]


"Who are you supposed to be? The short arm of the law?"
―Arturo Rey III and Misty Knight[src]

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  • Hammer Industries Assault Rifle: Rey came into possession of an assault rifle after a deal with Mariah Dillard. In an attempt to kill Luke Cage, he orchestrated a plan for him to investigate a carrier truck filled with explosives. When it failed, he used the rifle to also kill Cage.
    • Judas Bullet: Using the assault rifle, Rey had access to Judas Bullets that previously penetrated Cage's skin. However, when the bullet made contact to his skin, it did not penetrate.




  • Arturo Gomez I - Grandfather
  • Arturo Gomez II - Father




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