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"Is that what you got for your service? Well, thank you, sir. What, did some hajji jack up your face? Is that why you're here? Is that why you're here? You ain't so fussy anymore, now you ain't so pretty?"
―Arthur Walsh to Billy Russo[src]

Arthur Walsh was a former caretaker at the Ray of Hope group home who had abused many of those children under his care. Having served his time in Sing Sing for all his crimes, Walsh was eventually tracked down by Billy Russo who brutally murdered Walsh in revenge for the abuse he had suffered many years earlier.


Early Life

Abusing Young Boys

"When a grown man tells you that you're pretty you know nothing good is coming. Let's just say I wasn't interested in the kind of games that he had in mind. So I went after him with the stickball bat. Caught him good a couple times, too. Then he broke my arm. Got pissed off, ripped my rotator cuff in three places."
Billy Russo to Dinah Madani[src]

Arthur Walsh was an employee at Ray of Hope, a group home in which Billy Russo lived at as a child. He committed abuses against Russo and other boys while working at the facility. As Walsh had taken a shine to the young Russo, he attempted to sexually assault him, only for Russo to fight back and strike Walsh with his stickball bat. However, Walsh became angry at Russo's rejection and broke his arm, ripping Russo's rotator cuff in three places.[1] Walsh was later arrested and had then spent a decade inside the Sing Sing prison due to the multiple charges of sexual assault of minors under Walsh's care.[2]

Russo's Revenge

Confronted by Billy Russo

"What the hell happened to your face?"
"Accident. Messed with my head. It's all messed up in there, you know? I remembered your address, though. Clear as day. Crazy, huh?"
"You were a good-looking kid. It's a damn shame."
―Arthur Walsh and Billy Russo[src]

Walsh discovers Billy Russo waiting for him

Having been freed from Sing Sing prison, Walsh had lived a quiet life in New York City. One day, Walsh stepped into his home's living room, where he found Billy Russo was waiting for him. Failing to recognize Russo, Walsh put his hands up and, believing him to be a burglar, offered to hand over his television. However, Russo put his hands up and promised that he was not going to hurt him, making it clear that he knew what Walsh's name was. Russo had then questioned if Walsh remembered him before revealing his name and that he was from the Ray of Hope group home, much to Walsh's shock.

Walsh offers to make Billy Russo his coffee

As Russo sat down, Walsh offered him a cup of coffee, which Russo accepted, with Walsh showing off the timer on his coffee machine. Russo told Walsh that he had not been allowed to drink coffee in a long time, as Walsh took a bottle of whiskey and poured some in for them both. While they drank the coffee together, Russo told Walsh that he had just visited the Ray of Hope and found that it had been turned into apartments, which Walsh was dismissive about. Russo explained that he did not know where to go, so he had come to see Walsh, as Walsh questioned why he should really believe that.

Walsh asking about Billy Russo's facial scars

Walsh then questioned what had happened to cause all of the scars covering Russo's face, as Russo began breaking down and claimed that it had been an accident which had messed with his head. Russo explained that his memories had been completely messed up, but laughed as he noted how he had still remembered Walsh's address. Showing little regard for Russo's state, Walsh only commented that Russo had been a good looking boy and it was a shame that his face had become disfigured. Walsh then grabbed the whiskey, as he still insisted that he was a good carer to the children at Ray of Hope.

Walsh defends his actions of sexual assault

Drinking straight from their bottle, Walsh complained about how his years of service had resulted in him losing his pension and spending ten years in Sing Sing, because Tommy O'Neal had revealed all his sexual assaults. Walsh insisted that he had worked his whole life for the children who were at Ray of Hope, and he had done more for the children than Russo's mother had done. Walsh claimed that he had loved the children, noting how some of these children had loved him back by performing these sexual acts that he had desired from them, falsely claiming that they all were happy to do these acts for him.

Walsh mocking all Billy Russo's facial scars

Getting into Russo's face, Walsh noted how Russo was not willing to perform the sexual acts that he had desired from him, as he failed to notice how Russo had begun to lose control of his emotions as he listened to his taunts. Walsh continued to remind Russo about how he had attacked him with the stickball bat in order to defend himself, which had resulted with Walsh breaking Russo's arm in three places. Walsh then questioned why Russo had come to his home, insisting that whatever had happened in his life was not his fault, insisting that Russo could not escape his own true nature by blaming him.

Walsh gets brutally murdered by Billy Russo

Russo told Walsh that he was part of their Marine Corps, but Walsh had still continued to mock him, questioning if his face had become disfigured during his service. Walsh began laughing in Russo's face, questioning if he had come there because he was no longer as fussy about performing sexual favors for Walsh. However, this proved to be too much for Russo, who snapped and brutally murdered Walsh, impaling him with a wooden stick before escaping. Walsh's corpse was later found by Dinah Madani and Brett Mahoney, who had been attempting to find and arrest Russo before he hurt anyone else.[2]


"I was there, which is more than I can say for your smackhead mothers and degenerate fathers. Shit! I loved you kids, and some of you were happy to love me back."
―Arthur Walsh to Billy Russo[src]

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  • Ray of Hope: Walsh worked at Ray of Hope as an employee, where he abused the children who lived there. He attempted to sexually assault Billy Russo while he was living in Ray of hope.
  • Arthur Walsh's Residence: When he got out of prison, Walsh got a house in Brooklyn and attempted to live a quiet life. Billy Russo confronted Walsh in his home, where they discussed Walsh's assaults. Walsh began taunting Russo, who snapped and brutally murdered him.


  • Sing Sing: Walsh was sent to Sing Sing for ten years after he was charged with sexual assault of the minors he was caring for.





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