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"And is that what you got for your service? Well, thank you, sir. What, did some hajji jack up your face? Is that why you're here? Is that why you're here? You ain't so fussy anymore, now you ain't so pretty?"
―Arthur Walsh to Billy Russo[src]

Arthur Walsh was a former carer at the Ray of Hope who had abused many of those children under his care. Having served his time in Sing Sing for all his crimes, Walsh was eventually tracked down by Billy Russo who brutally murdered Walsh in revenge for the abuse he had suffered many years earlier.


Early Life

Abusing Young Boys

"When a grown man tells you that you're pretty you know nothing good is coming. Let's just say I wasn't interested in the kind of games that he had in mind. So I went after him with the stickball bat. Caught him good a couple times, too. Then he broke my arm. Got pissed off, ripped my rotator cuff in three places."
Billy Russo to Dinah Madani[src]

Arthur Walsh was an employee at Ray of Hope, a group home in which Billy Russo lived at as a child. He committed abuses against Russo and other boys while working at the facility. He eventually spent a decade in Sing Sing prison on multiple charges.[1]

Russo's Revenge

Confronted by Billy Russo


Walsh is brutally murdered by Billy Russo

Russo paid a visit to his former caregiver for all the damage he did during his childhood, offered him coffee, but Billy refused the offer, so instead he offered him whiskey. Billy brought up the abuse he suffered. Walsh was enraged at Billy for being "ungrateful", then mocked him for his scarred face; this provoked him and lead him to impale the old man. Dinah Madani found the old man's corpse and informed Frank Castle who showed no grief towards the loss of a sexual predator.


"I was there, which is more than I can say for your smackhead mothers and degenerate fathers. Shit! I loved you kids, and some of you were happy to love me back."
―Arthur Walsh to Billy Russo[src]

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