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"Many of us, when asked to look into our innermost experiences, into the nucleus of our personality, we close our eyes. It's understandable. I can't help you if you don't help yourself."
―Arthur Harrow to Marc Spector[src]

Doctor Arthur Harrow is a recreation of the real Arthur Harrow, manifested in Duat, and a psychiatrist at the Putnam Psychiatric Hospital.


Helping Marc Spector

A sedated Marc Spector was taken to Harrow's office, where Harrow interviewed Marc, attempting to ask questions about the film Tomb Buster and the delusions that Spector was suffering from. As Spector's head started to clear up, he got off of his chair and attempted to flee, claiming that Harrow was his enemy. Harrow told Marc that he was his friend and was trying to help him, but Marc refused to believe him. Bobbi Kennedy and Billy Fitzgerald attempted to apprehend Spector, but Spector broke free and ran out of Harrow's office.[2]

Arthur Harrow speaks to Marc Spector

Suddenly, Marc Spector found himself back in Harrow’s office. Harrow asked him about his favorite animal character that he had previously mentioned and thought he liked rhinoceroseses, but was corrected and told it was a hippopotamus. However, when Spector started acting mentally unhinged, Harrow had Billy Fitzgerald and Bobbi Kennedy come inside. They then restrained him and injected him with another sedative.[3]






  • In the comics, Dr. Emmet was a female psychiatrist at the Putnam Psychiatric Hospital, where Marc Spector was housed alongside his friends, subjecting him to torture methods such as constant sedation and shock therapy. In the illusion, created by Khonshu, Emmet was possessed by Ammut.

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