"With Fisk's intel, we beheaded the Albanian Syndicate in one day. One single day. No loss of life, no injuries, no mayhem."
Ray Nadeem[src]

The Arrest of the Albanian Syndicate was the result of an operation undertaken by the FBI in order to take down key members of the Albanian Syndicate.


"I want to make a deal."
Wilson Fisk to Ray Nadeem[src]
Following the arrest of Wilson Fisk, multiple criminal organizations established themselves in the criminal underworld of New York City. Albanian Syndicate managed to organize their criminal activity such as counterfeiting, Dark Web child pornography and more. They were guilty of the murders and injuries of multiple NYPD officers and civilians. Then they became a problem for the FBI who attempted to take them down.

Meanwhile, incarcerated Fisk planned his release from Ryker's Island. As part of his plan, he began to speak to the FBI agent Ray Nadeem who was assigned to confront him in order to check on activities. Fisk noticed his infliction and decided to make a deal with him that he could give away the Albanians' locations in order to get charges against Vanessa Marianna dropped. Fisk gave them information about high-ranked Albanian Syndicate leader and his location.[3]


"You got Mother Teresa. You actually bagged that asshole."
"Got his number one and number two also. And two judges, district police cap. A freakin' deputy mayor."
"This is gonna be a messy day for City Hall."
Wellers and Ray Nadeem[src]
Using information from Fisk, task squad of the FBI agents, led by Nadeem stormed residence owned by Mother Teresa. FBI suddenly surrendered all mobsters and ordered them to surrender. They decided not to resist and agents handcuffed and captured all the targets. Also, the FBI confiscated all Albanians' documents and data. These data allowed them to bag corrupt officials hired by Albanians, including several judges and police members.[4]


"We got their documents and data, and we're gonna get their money. Best of all, we bagged corrupt officials whose protection they were selling. A lot of cases they've been interfering with may finally get somewhere."
Ray Nadeem[src]
In the wake of successful arrests, Nadeem took the Fisk's case, despite Tammy Hattley's skepticism. Then, Fisk continued his plan by paying to his fellow inmate Jasper Evans for stabbing Fisk. Fisk played this out as a revenge attempt planned by Albanians. In order to provide security for Fisk and make him keep talking, Nadeem and Hattley convinced Blake Tower and Chris DiMolina to release Fisk out of prison and place him in the Presidential Hotel under the FBI's supervision.

Fisk was guarded out of prison and taken into the streets in the FBI convoy. Suddenly, Albanians learned about transporting and set the explosives on the road in order to get revenge. An explosion had abrupt the convoy from the front and behind the convoys that were lined up and both Nadeem and Fisk were incapacitated. Before Albanians could kill him, Agent Benjamin Poindexter managed to kill all attackers and transported Fisk to the hotel.[4]


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