"I gotta hand it to you, Fisk. You know how to put on a show."
Rosalie Carbone to Kingpin[src]

The Arrest of New York City's Crime Bosses was a meeting organized by the FBI under Wilson Fisk's orders, to gather some of New York City's most notorious crimelords by seemingly arresting them, that ended up with the execution of Everett Starr by Benjamin Poindexter.


"Another roundup, gentlemen. And we're going to hit them fast and hard. Kingpin wants this one to make a point."
Tammy Hattley[src]

Upon his release from the Ryker's Island, Wilson Fisk was placed at Presidential Hotel under the FBI supervision. However, Fisk had planned a conspiracy to take down various criminal organizations, such as Albanian Syndicate and became the only source of protection from federal prosecutes in New York City. For his plan, Fisk corrupted several FBI agents, including Tammy Hattley, Benjamin Poindexter, and Ray Nadeem.

Fisk then ordered agents to apprehend Everett Starr, Rosalie Carbone, John Hammer, Sophia Carter, and Latimer Zyl and brought them to the Red Fish Blue Restaurant. Waiting outside of the restaurant, Fisk ordered Nadeem to contact with Daredevil and inform him about meeting in the restaurant. Fisk stated that he will know it was a trap, but he will come anyway.[3]


"You want us to confess to something that buys you another month in that hotel suite you conned yourself into. No. You can count me out."
Everett Starr to Kingpin[src]

Criminal bosses waited at the restaurant under the watch of Ray Nadeem and Arinori. They became anxious and Rosalie Carbone then noted that FBI wanted something from them because they took then there instead of New York City FBI Office. Moments later, Kingpin revealed himself in front of bosses and said, Starr, that he brought an opportunity for all of them. Taking his seat at the table, Fisk offered bosses his protection from investigations and prosecutions by the federal government, much to John Hammer's skepticism.

Carbone then asked Fisk about the price what he replied as twenty percent of everything. However, Starr then ultimately refused Fisk's offer before he was killed by Benjamin Poindexter in Daredevil's Suit by an accurate throw of his Billy Club.[3]


"The tax is now 25%."

Wilson Fisk then calmly informed remained bosses that tax was increased to twenty-five percent. Rosalie Carbone then admitted his offer and asked where does she drop her money. Fearing about what Fisk could do with them if they refuse, Latimer Zyl, John Hammer, and Sophia Carter reluctantly agreed on Fisk's offer. While they discussed their deal, Benjamin Poindexter searched the perimeter, making it clear that Daredevil did not show up. Fisk then ordered the FBI to escort him back to Presidential Hotel.[3]


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